Hey my loves! In todays video I’m going to show you some ‘incorrect’ ways of doing winged eyeliner, and then at the end I’ll show you what is (in my humble opinion) the quickest and easiest way of achieving perfect winged liner every time. By no means do I think I’m the best at doing winged liner, and I’m certainly not trying to tell anyone that their way of doing liner is wrong – but if you struggle with doing your liner and you can’t seem to get it looking quite right, hopefully this video will help. Love you! x


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  1. Look at your hair!!!!!! Its gorgeous and i have been waiting for you to do this because i can never figure out how to do a "perfect" wing angle and all that sooooo thank you

  2. my eye sight has gone really bad in the last few months (getting older) lol and I cannot do a wing liner anymore (soooooo sad)

  3. I don’t tend to read comments on videos since there are usually more negative ones than anything but people must be saying nasty things to you, I say that because you seem to be spending more and more time asking people to not be offended by you. I can understand that but at the same time if they are to be offended by any video of yours I have ever seen (which have been most all of them) they must be determined to be offended by something. So just my humble opinion but please don’t waste your time on such petty humans, you are beautiful and intelligent and I’d hate to see you climb back into your shell.
    – Love Jess

  4. I could watch a million eyeliner tutorials and still my eyeliner would look horrible lol. Loved this video though Steph!! <3

  5. Hy Steph, you explain it so good. But I wish I could beam you up to me… My eyes are so hooded and I can‘t do the wing this way 😔

  6. i don’t know if i may have less lashes than other people but i feel like what looks the worst on my eyeliner is that there are those light spaces between my lashes that i can not color in 😞 so it always looks a little patchy 🙁 i sometimes even put an blake eye pencile on my upper whaterline but thats also not verry helpfull 😥

  7. Love the video! The most important liner trick I’ve learned is since I have deepset eyes, I never bring my liner passed about the inner 1/4th quarter of my eye- if I bring it all the way to the inner corner, it emphasizes my sunken tear ducts wayyy too much 🙈

  8. For hooded eyes, take the wing towards your ear instead of an upward angle.. i have hooded eyes and i find that shape really elongates the eye

  9. In a previous post you mentioned that you cut your false lashes…do you do that with the magnetic lashes as well? I’m new to the whole false lash thing

  10. Where the heck has this tutorial been all my life. I have always struggled to make eyeliner look seemless on me. This been a huge game changer for me.. it was super duper easy. Doing the curved triangle was actually very natural movement and i executed this method on first try. Plus my eyeliner has never looked more even(I have asymmetrical eye shapes). Huge Thank you!!!!

  11. I liked this video! I’m barely starting to do eyeliner…it’s hard but hopefully if I follow these steps I’ll be able to do so

  12. I used to do winged eyeliner and no idea how to do it anymore. I now have hooded and very rounded eyes and I honestly don’t know how to do it anymore. I think I used to use a gel pot and an angled brush. I tried with other tools like Kat von d tattoo liner and stila liquid eyeliner. Epic fail every time. Any recommendations on a good gel pot eyeliner these days?

  13. First step in creating perfect liner is finding what type of liner best works for your eye shape. Once you get that down, then you can work on your technique.

  14. There’s no way I could be offended because I have never been able to get my eyeliner done right since I have the steady hands yes back in the seventh grade when I was playing with my sisters doing makeup,

  15. Always can use help on the winged liner! As I get older it seems to get harder so I just end up doing a smudged/smokey style eyeliner. It is what it is. I will definitely try this out tomorrow

  16. Do you have any videos for wings on really hooded eyes? My eyes are really hooded so if I do a wing how it should be it looks good when my eye is closed, but the wing almost disappears when I open my eyes (unless it’s so long that it feels like it’s halfway across my face!) I’ve also tried to make the wing with my eye open and work around the hood but it makes my eyes look droopy! I need some serious help!!

  17. Oh no I do number 4 😅 Thanks Stephanie! You’re a better friend than some of my real friends who didn’t tell me 🤣

  18. Winged Eyeliner is not my friend at all whatsoever 😒 I’m pretty sure I’ve made all those mistakes once…. Or maybe 3 or 4 times…. Okay everytime I try to do a wing 😂

  19. I never comment on a video nor take a chance on a youtubers advice but I was I the market for new makeup brushes. I really trusted you when you recommended the vanity plant makeup brushes. They were the worse and I’ve never seen you use them after that video. I am very disappointed . I know you need to make money but it shouldn’t be at our expensive.

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