WORLD’S MESSIEST DESK?! – Setup Makeover #1

WORLD’S MESSIEST DESK?! – Setup Makeover #1

Welcome to the first episode of setup makeover, featuring potentially the world’s messiest tech desk & office setup!

Dual Monitor Arm –
Anker USB Hub –
Cable Raceway –
ASUS 24″ 1080P Monitor –
Headphone Hanger –
IKEA Kvissle Organizers –
IKEA Desk Lamp –



In this series, we find a desk setup that has potential but REALLY needs some work. From there, we find out what we need to re-do and bring it up to par!

Comment “holy” if you see this!

My Gear & Setup:

Business Inquiries –

Song – Avicii – Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza

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50 thoughts on “WORLD’S MESSIEST DESK?! – Setup Makeover #1

  1. "holy" cow dude that was an excellent setup! You should help my workspace since high school seniors drown in college papers like me and need help organizing.

  2. This is absolutely great. I think you finally have a clear concept of what your channel should be like with these tech aesthetic setups. You’re very into fashion a design, I think these setup videos are your niche

  3. interior design + consumer technology? A new market for home improvement. (somebody will make millions off this comment)

  4. Great video but it feels like a commercial. It too structured and robotic. Maybe more quirky stuff, it doesnโ€™t have to be too professional

  5. Wait, are you just offering free setup makeovers? What do you gain from that

    Also, still waiting on that giveaway you said you’d do two months ago after you told everyone to like and subscribe

  6. LMAO you should revisit this setup to make sure he keeps it clean. Some people simply aren’t very organized,, but hopefully this new look inspires him to change.

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