Unicorn Hair Makeover: Before & After! | From Dark Brown To HOT PINK Hair Dye Color + Haircut!

Unicorn Hair Makeover: Before & After! | From Dark Brown To HOT PINK Hair Dye Color + Haircut!

What color should I dye my hair next? Also what color do you want your hair to be if you could choose any color? Or what is it now?

Unicorn Hair Makeover: Before & After! | From Dark Brown To Blonde To HOT PINK Mermaid Hair Dye Color + Haircut! | GlitterForever17

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This video is all about glitterforever17, hairstyles, hair, hairstyles, Hair makeover & haircut, Breland Emory’s NEW haircut and crazy pink Hairstyles! Other things I show you are going from brown hair to blonde hair and then also, to PINK hair or HOT pink HAIR!! Also going from Dark Brown to PINK Mermaid or UNICORN Glittery hair.

You can go from blonde hair to pink hair at home but I went to an awesome hair salon to get my hair dyed with rose pink, dusty rose pink hair, dusty rose hair for my naturally curly hair. I also show you how I went from Black hair to blonde hair easily! Or you can go from blonde hair to pink, hot pink or lavender pink hair! It’s so easy and fun changing your hair color! What color should I go next??

50 thoughts on “Unicorn Hair Makeover: Before & After! | From Dark Brown To HOT PINK Hair Dye Color + Haircut!

  1. Oh my god. ANY hair stylist with half of a brain would NEVER take your hair from black to pink in one session. That is SO damaging and usually takes 4-5 sessions and hours to do it correctly.

  2. darker colors last longer to i have had all colors and the best ones to get are darker and use sploders it lasts way longer than other dyes you can buy at walmart for 10 dollars and it lasts the longest also one more thing to know make sure to use condinterner and shampoo FOR DYED HAIR

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