Tomboy To Girly Makeover On Best Friend!

Tomboy To Girly Makeover On Best Friend!

So in this vlog we decided to go and eat at the shard which is a VERY fancy restaurant in London but in the process had to transform my tomboy friend into a girly girl with a VERY glam look!
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50 thoughts on “Tomboy To Girly Makeover On Best Friend!

  1. A tomboy is someone who DOESN’T wear makeup and wears sweat pants and baggy T shirts and you didn’t have to transform Kira into a girly girl cause she already was one the definition of a tomboy is someone who doesn’t care about their appearance and Kira does

  2. Great video Mille! I have a small YouTube channel that I am really trying to grow. I would be super grateful if anyone could check it out🙂

  3. Okay to be honest they are a bit immature for 16 and 17 year olds I’m 16 and yes I act silly some times but it’s just to much for me but still great vlogs

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