50 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Lipstick on a Pig

  1. Also, Taylor wrote a novel at 14 titled A Girl Named Girl, "about a mother who wants a son but instead has a girl." This is KEY to understanding her transgenderism

  2. I have tried to stretch my neck to see if I can see any kind of Adams apple… Nope. Cant even make one moving my throat…..

  3. this video has proven, without any doubt at all, that Taylor Swift (even has a boy’s name) is genetically a man pretending to be a girl

  4. hey man, i have some good news xD
    the new movie: Mamma Mia 2 Here WE Go Again is filming in my island in Croatia. And i can conform you that there will be 0 extras trannies. most of extras are people i know and they are not trannies. film will open july 2018 i think.
    cheers man :))

  5. You at it’s sub orbital ridge, broad forehead, it was born with a prostate. If this is what you want, then handle your business behind close doors. And i just got done eating.

  6. As a great supporter for Pig rights, we must ensure that all pigs are protected under the law. Our brave pig and piglets are struggle to fit into society so please help us pig lovers keep our innocent pigs safe and secure. Thank you for reading this important message πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. Transhumanism = Interrogation of Marcus scene from Terminator Salvation film. Biological tissue mixed with machine, biological parts replaced from stem cells grown into organs in a lab and metal parts replaced by engineering. No death so no release from this nightmare world to come. If you take the Mark of the Beast from Revelation 13, then this is your fate, be warned. You go beyond the help of God. Read Daniel 2 about God destroying the feet of the statue which is our present age. Head of gold is Babylonian empire, silver shoulders are Persian empire, bronze loins are Greece and iron legs are Roman empire. Feet of miry clay and iron are carbon based life mixed with robotics. God will not allow this on His earth. Satan cannot win this final battle – Ezekiel 39, Revelation 21 and 22.

  8. E, there is a big DEVIL in Taylor Swift. This super star is very well paid, net worth is $280 million that is unbelievable at 27 years old. I wouldn’t be alive today if I had that much money when I was 27 years old.
    A few years ago I worked in a office with another worker who was a gay man, and he said I should listen to Taylor Swift videos on YT. Now I realize he knew what Taylor Swift was, a TRANNY and the LGBTQ peeps know better than we the agenda for the secrete tranny apocalypse that is and has conquered the world. This why what E is doing is so important, that is exposing the enemy within, that are demon nephilim possess people who now run the world.

  9. Honestly is so obvious now Its freaky how b4 we didnt notice….all I can think of is "I will pour out my spirit upon my people" paraphrase but somehow God is waking us up to this craziness. Some just dont see or want to

  10. Thank you for this video. Been telling people about Transhollywood for a year. Noone can deny that Adam’s apple. Well some still will but it has left alot of people speechless.

  11. Hey! Even pigs have some redeeming qualities… be nice lol! These are not men or women… I can’t even see them as people., they are total frauds.

  12. *Agreed it is /was a man* ~ but there’s something more sinister going on .. for me it’s an alien or a clone for a long time now ❗
    Britney Spears might be a clone as well ❗
    Maybe both real bodies are dead ..

  13. Newer generations might have some deafness or vision problems because "its" songs sound so lame as its figure looks itself.

  14. In some of those pictures Taylor looked like a younger version of the lead singer of Blondie. Wonder what that says about Deborah Harry.

  15. These Satan lovers are everywhere anymore. I’m so glad I’m older (mid 40’s) and I can think with the head on my shoulders these days. When I was younger I would have never seen this. Thank GOD I’m awake. Good vid

  16. MrE
    What is your opinion that these creatures are not just merely trannies but are genetically altered by science in some way? I think there is more going on here, could it be that they are born androgynous / "sexless"? out of a test tube even though they seem to have some of the physical characteristics of a XY male?

  17. I believe Taylor and her whole girl squad (made mostly of models) are men, with the exception of Selena Gomez. But, I could be wrong

  18. I saw a picture of Taylor Swift standing next to an actual woman (Prince’s most recent drummer.) it was on her Facebook and I believe they were at a Grammy after party…
    But Taylor Swift’s skull was at least twice as big as the drummer’s head. She (Taylor) looked HUGE. I saw the picture before I knew she was a tranny and I thought something looked off.
    Also, in Taylor’s video "I’ll write your name" there is a point where she throws a vase full of flowers at her boyfriend and it smashes against the wall… She throws like Tom Brady…

  19. *These creatures* earning millions over millions of $, they are worshiped of countless ppl around the world, they have a bad influecnce on our kids n societies in general ❗
    *They must leave ❗ I can’t co exsist with em anymore ❗*

  20. This creature was pushed on us to promote transgenderism. In my big city, our of nowhere, Taylor Swift was on electronic billboards being pushed down our throats.

  21. yeah no wonder she can keep a man if she don’t have a kid like the serena and venus Williams sisters are 35 and no kids it’s because they are men. taylor cant keep a man I wonder why she looked like a sweet girl and I use to say I would never leave taylor but after she takes the bikini off she must have a bigger dick than me wow Illuminati puppet making money of these people the K.illuminati get`s kids from a young age and transforms them why is taylor so famous because the media puts her in every show every magazine we need to unite and kill off these reptilians that control the world let`s unite against the ereptilians demons that is in control of the industry fuck them fake ass humans they are not human they are reptilians demons making these famous people sell there soul for rich and fame fuck the money I rather be broke no money but a soldier of god not a puppet to these reptilian demons god is the real one that controls the world no matter what they try and say that god does not exist he does and all these people are gonna pay

  22. Is the singer M.I.A. a tranny as well? Been getting back into "her" music but now Im awake on the tranny agenda "she" seems very suspect. Also was married to jewish gentry so thats a huge sign imo.

    Then I started paying attention to her brow ridge and lack of hips and now Im pretty sure its a man.

  23. She looks a lot like my nephew, long=tetradactyl arms, long straight thy bones. I’m always asking him where’s the beef. He’s so skinny but has an enormous head. He’s gonna look exactly like her when he’s done transitioning because he started well before puberty. If I had not seen this myself I wouldn’t believe it.

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