S&W TRR8 PC Tacti-cool Makeover!

S&W TRR8 PC Tacti-cool Makeover!


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Original score: Madison Stegall
Super Artwork: Daniel Greenfield

50 thoughts on “S&W TRR8 PC Tacti-cool Makeover!

  1. Green grips, for the love of Pike, go with the green. I would pass on the top rail until you mount an optic.

    I also think you should blast the finish off the cylinder and get some engraving done!

  2. In my experience UPS is very hard on parcels. Routinely boxes are crushed or split. A vice arrived with handle bent in transit. Three cast iron cookwares: two cracked, one with piece broken out. CAST IRON!

  3. The base of your grips looks flat like the old style. Not my preference. The black and grey grips look better.

  4. Looks ok. Both rails compliment the barrel quite a bit. Looks plain ugly without. I understand the "don’t mess with revolvers" mentality but that specific revolver is plain old ugly out of the box. As for grips I’d prob put orange or something that pops. That revolver looks more like something you’d find at harbor freight than a gunshop. An orange and black grip would compliment that. It’s also Halloween season.

  5. Put the top rail on with the new Trijicon RMR type 2. The type 2 RMR is more durable than the original and is the best possible micro reflex sight to handle those hot .357 mag loads you shoot. God bless

  6. I think no top rail until you get a scope. Also the black grips look better; it matches the gun better. It would be nice if you got a black trigger on it too.

  7. Why the hell not use the top rail? And bright ass pink grips. Can’t say tacticool with out bright ass pink.

  8. Dam Yankee I been patiently waiting for you to trick out a Glock mos. Can you make that your next project. πŸ™πŸ½pleeeeeease!😬 Stippled and all.

  9. Revolvers, no matter what, are as "tacti-cool" as Bermuda shorts with black socks.
    You cannot be tacti-cool with a revolver. Period.
    You can be ready for self defense, but never-ever-EVER have an ability to "go to war".
    Not one top military in the world issues revolvers to their spec ops or even front line troops.
    Even the English gave up on them after WWII.
    Get a clue, Yankee….

  10. No top rail unless you’re putting on a scope or RMR. Both grips look good, but it sounded like that little hint of brown bothers you…

  11. I have the R8. I put the top rail on it. I can’t get the fucker off.

    Don’t put the rail on until you have an optic. To me, it fucks with the sight picture.

    Also, green grips. I’ll be ordering some myself.

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