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Ahh, we’re closing out the DORM ROOM MAKEOVER SERIES with this video making over a dorm room for two!! Major shout out to V8 +Energy for sponsoring this video AND for giving us the steady energy we needed to get the job done. V8 +Energy is made up of blended fruits, vegetables, and the caffeine from green tea, all natural things you can feel good about. ✌🏼✌🏿
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This video is sponsored by V8 +Energy.

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  1. Please do how to makeover a small dorm with cinderblock walls. Not everyone has the money to go to colleges with dorms as fancy as the one’s you’ve been in. A college that I might go to has cinderblock walls on two walls of the dorms and you can’t put command hooks on cinderblock. Please help!!

  2. You guys are super talented you guys rrally transform room into somehing so loveable and liveable loves it! You guys are my inspirationnnn
    Toronto love -Diana

  3. They should take the best parts of the rooms from different videos and make one epic room.From the first room they should get the wall art. From the second room they should get the awesome movie area and from the third room the fireplace and front of the room and to me that would make a pretty cool room.Like if you agree.

  4. In my dorms you can’t hang stuff from the ceiling so I’m hoping that’s not the case here because those hanging lamps are amazing ^_^

  5. This video confirmed to me that I definitely need to buy a rug. I have a long appartment, like it’s almost one long hall and I’ve been thinking about getting a rug for the living room. Now I know I need one!
    (OMG, a fireplace???)

  6. So chic! Probably my fav dorm makeover!! Can you ladies please link the makeup mirror? Been looking for an affordable one

  7. With them saying jewel tones, I expected more color like ruby, and emerald. This blue was the same or it looks very similar to the dorm room for the gentlemen they did. It’s pretty, but I wouldn’t call it a jewel tone room.

  8. I’m loving these dorm videos! Most of these dorms are pretty large through. Can u do a dorm makeover for a room that is smaller?

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