Today’s video is a holiday makeup 2017 wishlist and anti-haul video wrapped into one! I wanted to share the products I will NOT be buying, as well as the products I will be purchasing! Let me know in the comments below if you want to see a video like this on other holiday products!

-1:30 Palettes I’m purchasing
-5:16 Palettes I’m thinking about purchasing
-8:51 Palettes I’m not purchasing

*DO NOT shop online without using Ebates! They give you cash back for your online purchases. My last check was over $200.
*This is where I get almost all of my higher end makeup and some makeup storage containers for a discounted price!

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-Urban Decay Heavy Metals Metallic Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00)
Available October 15 Online/October 29 In Stores
-Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette
Available October 13 Online
-Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette ($46.00)
Available October 15 Online
-Natasha Denona Lila Eyeshadow Palette ($129.00)
-Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette ($42.00)
-Tarte Limited-Edition Treasure Box Collector’s Set ($59.00)
-Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette ($62.00)
-Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda ($58.00)
-Tarte Limited-Edition Buried Treasure Eyeshadow Palette- Rainforest of the Sea Collection ($36.00)
-Becca Eye Lights Palette ($45.00)

-Eyes ColourPop She Eyeshadow Palette
-Lips ColourPop Strip
-Kimono Charlotte Russe

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  1. Good video ! I am skipping on eye shadows for a while now. I hate having dupes , and my current 6 palettes stash is diverse enough to get me the looks I can make from any of tbe palettes on the market. So saving my money for some handmade highlighters and fragrance.

  2. I told myself I can only purchase two holiday palettes and the winners were Kat Von D and lorac 4 I hope I made the right choices

  3. Out of all of these the UD palette is speaking to me the most. I love how it has a different array of colors. I love matte shadows but really I own palettes that are just mattes so it don’t bother me that it doesn’t have any. And I’ve never owned any of their shadows other then the electric palette. Which are pressed pigments. If I could afford that Natasha Danona girrrl I would be on it so fast! I won’t get the Toasted Tarte palette just because I own so many warm shades and I own the tarteist pro and although I like it. Its just not my favorite formula. The shadows can get muddy pretty fast if not careful and they are a bit on the dry side to me.

  4. I agree on the Becca, but the only thing that pulled me in when I see it every time is the beauty of the packaging – the Winter decor is really stunning to me and I don’t know why, honestly and maybe even that with the round shape together and the simplicity of the silver. It’s so sick because I am drawn to it but I know for sure it’s too much money for what it is, you could not be more right about that. So, I agree that Becca is OUT no matter how pretty.

  5. The Natasha Denona Lila was my first palette and honestly I was not impressed and feel that I have better options in my collection. I actually just returned it! 🙁

  6. i been going crazy buying palettes too specially colourpop . i want to buy the rihanna palette and morphe 350-2 and the anastasia beverly hills prism but im trying to fight my self to not get them too much makeup coming out at the same time im going crazy lol

  7. I ordered so many new palettes. Some you included in your favorites and from the ones you are not buying. I ordered the Kat von d, too faced at and ABH at the same time. I can’t wait to try them out. I have been into palettes that have colors and aren’t warm. I am getting tired of warms eyeshadows for some reason. I still love warm eyeshadows but I have way too many and I don’t need to buy any more warm eyeshadows especially when brands keep coming out with too many things. We really can’t keep up with all the new releases.

  8. Love the sunset palette!!! The quality is amazing and beautiful. I want to purchase this one. It’s 160.00 in Canada. Crazy expensive but well worth it. You won’t be disappointed!!!

  9. I can never get enough highlighters. I used to not be able to find any light enough for my skin and now there are so many!


  11. *I am Most definitely getting fenty’s pallette,and a few other things from them.I am getting the New Urban Decay Heavy Metalsey,and The CHLOE MorelloxC’IATE COLLAB!!!AT LEAST,LOL* 😂😂😂

  12. I actually have just bought my first Natasha Denona pallets. I bought the Star pallet from beautylish and I did the 3 easy pays to get it and they was sold out of the new Lila one so I bought it off the Sephora website instead and it’s supposed to be here this Thursday. I’m having a huge pallet addiction and I’m wanting the new ABH prism and the Tarte toasted, and the other holiday pallet that they have that you didn’t mention in this. Not holiday related but I’m wanting the queen of hearts pallet and the makeup geeks in the nude pallet and Laura Lees new pallet. Shew next month I have got to go on a no buy for sure because this month has killed my wallet

  13. Hey have you heard or tried any of the beauty product by BEAUTY TREATS?? I wanted to know if it is good or not…

  14. Don’t get the lila palette! There’s a reason why people don’t rave about it, Michael finch said that it’s terrible😂

  15. I wasn’t going to buy the Prism palette, Anastasia sent it to me on accident when I ordered the sugar glow kit and honestly I’m so glad they did! The quality is phenomenal and much more like the Modern Renaissance than Subculture. I highly recommend it, especially for the shade Dimension.

  16. I am not very sure about the abh pallete. I ADORE the packaging but i dont know bput the colors. I really qant tp buy it to play with different shades but sooo uncertain 😂


  18. I agree with you on that big tarte holiday palette. I have no idea why there are so many light shades. Seemed really odd to me. They have another one that has more colors to it. I might get that one. The ABH one looks beautiful it kinda looks like it was made to go with the subculture palette. The fenty beauty one looks really lovely as well!

  19. Hi Andrea, I LOVE these videos!! Okay, so I did get the TF Agenda palette (the Ulta and the Sephora one), the reviews are correct, this is the absolute BEST holiday palette TF has put out in over 5 years, I love it!! I have the KVD palette too, like you I feel overwhelmed when I open it up but I still love it, I just caved and ordered the ABH Prism palette after seeing Tarababyz video on it. As for Tarte, they make horrible holiday palettes and I wont buy any of them, but I am intrigued by that Tartlette toasted palette, I don’t care for the Rainforest shadows either though.

  20. I was thinking about getting the tarte toasted palette but after I saw it swatched it reminded me of the pur cosmetics soirée diaries palette I just got in boxycharm. I did buy the Anastasia prism palette, fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow.

  21. I still want Natasha Denona sunset palette even though it’s expensive and out of stock and the subculture one! I have an eyeshadow obsession too!

  22. Dupes for the emerald green in the Prism palette are the NYX single in Jaded, Sugarpill Subterranean (cooler), and MUG Epic (warmer). You’re welcome! 😉

  23. That Tarte and the Too Faced holiday palettes look so pretty, but I’ve learned my lesson with holiday palettes. They are rarely as good. Last year both Tarte’s and Too Faced’s eye shadows were hit and miss with lots of misses. I NEVER buy the holiday palettes and last year, I’m sorry to say, I gave in and was pretty disappointed. I love both of those brands! I’m eagerly awaiting the Tartelette Toasted and also the Too Faced White Chocolate and Clover palettes. 🌻✌️🦋

  24. Maaaaaan I want a Natasha Denona AND even though I’m not a fan of Huda, I WANT the new palette! The violet one…
    But i cannnnot spend that much money on those palettes!

  25. I picked up the KVD Saint & Sinner palette and I love it! I thought about the ABH Prism palette but ultimately decided not to get it. I really want the Too Faced Peachy Mattes palette, that will probably be my next one. I just picked up the Smashbox holiday set (two full size eyeshadow palettes and a travel size highlighter) so I can’t wait to try those out!

  26. The only ones I’m interested in are the Lorac Mega Pro4 and Tarte Toasted. I love eyeshadow palettes but it’s becoming very overwhelming the amount of palettes being released lately…

  27. I really want to try the prism eyeshadow palette and the Fenty beauty palette. I’m q little scared by the prism because of the same reason as you. I’m NOT gonna buy the new nyx palettes; they are crazy expensive for nyx and also the Too faced holy day palettes because they look like kids makeup

  28. If prism palette comes to sweden then Im deffinatley will be getting it AFTER i swatch it in store.. the rest I dont care except Im very eager to se makeup revolutions mint chocalate palette comin next month. desi got me excited for fentys galaxy shadow palette but tbh how often do u wear glitter shimmer shadows? and I like matte shadows better as a whoe Eye look which I find is so understated. I do want to get viseart neutral palette. I feel that will be the best all matte neutral shadow palette… I mean they are best in the market for a price of 80 dollars..

  29. Skipping UD, I don’t see how the layout is gonna work, I’m gonna get my thumb on the mirror or in the shadow. Will get Fenty just to try. I want the BH Cosmetics collab with Raye Raye. On the fence Tarte warm tone palette, looks like the Heat from UD, but I like their formula so IDK. No to Lila palette, maybe some other time. No to Pat McGrath, $125 sis, come on. No to Huda, I will look for a dupe. No to Prism, I will look for a dupe.

  30. Out of all of them I wanted the KVD Palette. It’s gorgeous but I look at it and can’t come up with a look. So I talked myself out of it. To be greatly honest I thought this year is kinda bad for eyeshadows. I just keep seeing the same thing and I’m not inspired to do anything for them.

  31. I’m with you on the big palette thing! I bought a morphe palette once and the shadows were beautiful but it took up so much space and I just felt I didn’t get good use out of it. You should really check out Zoeva though! They’re cruelty free and the quality is amazing. They’re dropping 3 new palettes this month too. I have the Blanc Fusion and Rose Golden palettes, they’re just so good!

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