50 thoughts on “MALE MAKEUP – How To Contour Muscles | JOHN MACLEAN

  1. John, your makeup looks are impeccable……you enhance people’s natural beauty rather than create a mask where they’re unrecognizable……love your technique and philosophy

  2. keep up the good work,John.
    your videos are really interesting to watch. do show us your face with glasses one day, will you? it can be also a very positive experience for all of us wearing quite "strong" glasses. it could be very liberating

  3. I realize this has nothing to do with this video, which is interesting, but so many times when I’m watching your videos, I feel a tremendous need to make you rich, chewy, lots-of-walnuts-inside brownies. I think it’s the mom in me πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my goodness, tall glass of water than one! John said in a previous video that he’s 6’2" which must make Sadiq 6’5" by comparison at 14:10 ! unless he’s standing on a pedestal fit for a god, which seems appropriate!

  5. John, your accent is really intriguing because it does not sound like the stereotypical Scottish accent you hear on tv, etc. Where in Scotland are you from? Is your accent just a variation Americans don’t hear a lot?

  6. I really didnt care for the beginning of the video when working with the face but when you moved to the bare torso then my interest piqued immediately.

  7. I just discovered that I have Scottish ancestors and I couldn’t be more delighted! Such an awesome country, you are a gorgeous example.

  8. Boyyyyy, he was giving you the EYES at times. And those eyes are SMOLDERING! I don’t know how you held your composure!

  9. I was so shocked when John stated the actual names of the muscles. I feel like he’s a Renaissance man. 😍😍😍

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