Makeup Tutorial | By Sophia Grace

Makeup Tutorial | By Sophia Grace

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Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoy my first ever makeup tutorial, i don’t wear makeup everyday as I’m 13 years old but i did this video just for fun and for all of you that kept requesting it, i had so much fun shooting this video and i hope you all enjoy, please remember to like and subscribe for more videos like this, thank you for watching.

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the Actress, Singer, Recording Artist and Ellen Show star, Sophia Grace. If you aren’t already subscribed, you might recognize her from The Ellen show where Sophia Grace and Rosie (her cousin) rapped Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass for a live studio audience after their YouTube video of the same performance went viral. 5 years later Sophia Grace is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with as she makes some of the best kids music out there. From her hit singles “Best Friends,” and “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun,”and “Girl In The Mirror” to her the hilarious music parodies you can find on her channel, Princess Sophia Grace is poised to grow into the ultimate pop music icon. Working to spread joy and inspire other little girls with her song covers, original music, and comedic acting, it’s hard not to love Sophia Grace. Please subscribe if you’re new to the channel and join in the fun!

50 thoughts on “Makeup Tutorial | By Sophia Grace

  1. sophia grace makeup cute and pretty thank you for me oh right welcome your mohter bey makeup yo young stop it you have drug store hope not you still kid hear me not turn way mom mad you not oh sorry ok your naqme amanda paige jaimson call me paige kown me yes you kown you enjoy my frist ever makeup tutoial wear makeuo everyday as i,m 13 years old but i did this video just for fun and all you that ket rquesting it ,had so much fun shooring tihs and you all enjoy, please read it commets quetions love you girl

  2. I hate when I see a video with 13 year olds put on pounds of makeup I just watched this so I could see how you thought you where better for example:ee! Highlighter time OMG look how it glows: like really😐

  3. Sophia grace you are amazing at makeup and I hope you are reading this and my favorite makeup brand in the whole world is naked

  4. What’s the big deal she can do what she wants I was in 5th class when I got my ebrows done and started to use makeup and that was a lot younger then her

  5. Hey feel so embarrassed she is 2 years older then me and can afford fancy makeup when I only have makeup from drug stores

  6. She wairs so much makeup, and no offense she doesnt even look 13!!!!!
    I cant believe how much makeup she has on the reflection of her mirror. The makeup reflecting.


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