1. I bought this palette and was so excited because it appears beautiful!  Unfortunately, the quality just isn’t there.  I want more pigmentation.  I was so sad when I returned it.  Please reformulate the shadows, only a couple of them are buttery and smooth. 

  2. When I got this palette I was disappointed, as the colours didn’t show up, but I was talking to the m omen on the makeup counter in senhora & she said to dip the makeup brush in water before using the shadow– it really works with showing up

  3. Just purchased this palette, and sadly I was very disappointed with the quality of it. I had such high expectations for this palette, but unfortunately the pigmentation was very dull and the glittery eye shadows had terrible fall out. Save your money and buy a different palette instead.

  4. I’ve seen such mixed reviews for this palette. A lot of people say that in the store it seemed nice but at home the shadows are patchy and sheer. Some comments I’ve seen on YouTube say that part of the reason that the swatches in the store are so much better is that the shadows have a protective overlay that will go away with use. Is this true?

  5. I for one love that there are the same amount of mattes as shimmers. HATE that there are so many palettes that have ALL shimmers or only 1-2 mattes.

  6. For a minute I was so excited I thought this was the palette that you had years ago called Smoke Box.  Those were some of the best pigmented beautiful eye shadows that you had.  I still have mine I treasure it very much:)

  7. Holy smoke… I LOVE it!!! All my other palettes have been put away for good! This one’s all I need! Thank you Smashbox!

  8. LOVE IT Make sure you put primer on and the colors will hold and show much better! I love this pallet and would recommend!

  9. I absolutely ADORE this palette! ADORE IT TO THE MAX!
    I work and go to school and have many responsibilities in-between so I don’t have time to reapply make-up. I wake up at 5 am and don’t get home til 9 hours later. I’m very satisfied with the quality of the shadows, I don’t get creases and it doesn’t fade. It is long lasting and the colors are beyond gorgeous! I even went back to Ulta and bought a second palette it is MY FAVORITE!

  10. I purchased this palette and like it alot. However, the video leaves much to be desired. Saying "You can make any look with these 14 neutrals….I’m talking minimally pretty….." Sorry, but telling folks these eyeshadows will make them look "minimally pretty" is probably NOT the best selling point….most of us are hoping for "maximumly pretty"!

  11. The WORST shimmer or should I say glitter shadows ON THE PLANET !!! That fallout – OMG glitter particles EVERYWHERE! Horror of horrors , stay away, people. I wish I could look this lady from the video in the eye and tell her what a liar she is. Don’t waste your money on this palette. I, sadly, have.

  12. This is false advertisement. This palette is absolutely awful. Very low quality and pigmentation. I can’t return it either. Waste of $50. You should get one of the NAKED palettes instead {they are amazing}.

  13. Does anyone know if they changed the formula? My palette has very little pigmentation and I’ve noticed older reviews are much better than recent ones.

  14. I want to buy this palette but some the reviews changed my mind . I love the colors I don’t know what to do ?

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