Leopard Mask Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Mask Makeup Tutorial

I don’t really know what to say over here, the look is pretty self explanatory. Its a big big pussy… cat. 🙂

This also works for a tiger, instead of brown, use an orange based color. Then instead of spots, add stripes!

Since I was recording it took me about an hour and 45 minutes to do this look from start to finish.

how to cover/block out your brows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb3D-afzKEc

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50 thoughts on “Leopard Mask Makeup Tutorial

  1. This is an amazing tutorial, Thank you so much, I used it today for a last minute Halloween costume and it turned out great!:)

  2. I keep trying to get the lip area to look plump but i cant do it :'( any suggestions or tips to make it a lil easier

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  4. OMG u are my hero! I’m doing a project for school and i picked theatre makeup.  I wanted to do leopard, and U HELPED ME SO MUCH.  Im pretty young so my experience is limited, but it turned out really great. I can not believe u did it in under 20 minutes, because it took me 4 HOURS!

  5. I may be waaaay out in space right now for saying this, but is it just me or does he remind you of Ian Harding?

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