My honest thoughts? Her palette is made in us and cf like J*. she and manny already allegedly used j* for their merch. I don’t think that it’s too far to stretch that she’s made this palette with him – it would explain why the design was a let down. he used a dodgy formula on the eclipse highlighter collab with manny (you’ve seen it – all oily and gritty) and i don’t doubt he would let laura dig herself a grave with this as long as he gets his cut – my personal thoughts! if this was made with another brand (like violet voss like last time) it wouldn be in their best interests to make sure it didn’t seem crappy. this would make sense as to why she was able to put a palette out with her name on it, but why the quality of design seems sub-par. let me know what you think!!

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  1. I normally don’t agree or like you, but this one I have to be on your side, she is not a “household name” on makeup nor she does anything ordinary on her channel, she is just a water down YouTuber who puts products on her face. To come out with a palette like that at that price point is ridiculous, no matter if is 4 dollars a shadow. She thinks her name is more important than it actually is…

  2. I’m actually surprised the pallet was not a Morphe collaboration. I’m not sure who manufactured her product but I have no intention of purchasing it. I recently had a horrible reaction to Morphe single shadows I picked up at the booth during IMATS. I have a sty and blepharitis and been advised by my doctor not to wear any makeup until it clears up. I’ll never trust a non L’Oréal , Estée Lauder, LVMH brand ever again!
    Buyer beware!

  3. Lmao 😂 so she claimed in her video release of the pallet that violet voss is what made her decide on doing shadows.. she made it sound as if it was years ago she collaborated 🙄I didn’t know when her pallet colab was. She also went on about them being so much more expensive because they were produced in the US blah blah…. I saw the colors and wasn’t impressed at all especially the amount of shimmers as you mentioned lol..the pallet is tacky and is $ 40 US not sure on conversion but either way it’s way over priced

  4. I don’t understand how she’s creating a makeup line if she never really makes makeup tutorials on YouTube and half the time her makeup looks mediocre. I mean seriously, her lashes are always wonkey lol

  5. I died at the breaking news part LOL deeeeaaddd 😂😂😂 but…. I mean there are many other talented beauty influencers on YouTube/IG and more. I love the ones who do affordable collaborations like Jen Im and colour pop, itsjudytime and pixie, weylie and elf, and bubzbeauty with BH cosmetics. And some take criticism as a learning process and as feedback compared to blocking "haters" or causing "drama" about the "hate" or take constructive criticism to heart and then bash out at people. YouTube is a learning process and you learn from it

  6. She’s crazy. That palette is not worth $40. I was so upset, it’s ridiculous… The entire point of buying a palette is to get more bang for your buck instead of buying each one as a seperate. So telling me that it’s really $4 for each shadow and a bargain is what’s crazy to me. Like if you want it to be expensive just be open about it. "I’m rich bitch"… I would’ve respected that more. And I’m sorry, when it came to the Benefit products with their faces nobody was buying it. I saw them buying their own products and giving them away to people for free on J* Snapchat…. I will not be fooled. 💁🏻

  7. I personally can’t stand Laura. Every time there is a recommended video of her, it just makes me annoyed. It seems like she tries too hard, ya know? I definitely won’t be forking over 40 dollars to a palette that I can find almost all the shades in other palettes I have in my drawer. I never really hated her but I definitely do not respect her or anything for attacking an innocent girl for having an opinion. She is ridiculous. 🙄

  8. I don’t think anyone is surprised that Laura had a melt down… She’s just one light bulb short of a full package. And I thought those swatches she did of her palette were kinda really awful.

  9. She pinched every penny she could when it came to the pallet. She should have invested more money into it if shes going to charge so much

  10. I didnt like her since the drama with Christen happened. The fame really changed her..shes so ungrateful now and not genuine

  11. Key word here John is certainly trading ‘talent’ for money… you just can’t. Her heart wasn’t in this …clearly , and that price point and her scared me away from that palette..

  12. I remember watching her Snapchat rant about why the palette is priced as $40. She started with, " I know you don’t have a makeup brand so you don’t understand." I thought that was so condescending. Most of her followers are young so THAT’S why they don’t understand the concept of globalization. She needs to get off her high horse.

  13. If she wasn’t so annoying (I can’t stand listening to her for a minute) I’m pretty sure many people would react different, but the whole package and the name behind simply sucks. I have never seen more neurotic and annoying youtuber in my life.

  14. I’m not really a fan of laura lee but i honestly don’t understand the hate behind her palette announcement. I think it looks gorgeous and swatched beautifully for the most part. She also said she wants it aimed for more beginners which I think it will be great for beginners. Yeah it could be a bit cheaper but the pans are also very large.

    Anyways… the hate she is receiving is totally unnecessary!!! If you don’t like a product, there’s a way to state that without being totally rude

  15. TWO YEARS! Who does that remind you of BITCH?!!! HAHA That was so great John!!! Made my day! 😂 I actually liked the swatches except the black! It’s expensive but I’d like to support Laura and have it for my collection!

  16. Those swatches are in the wrong order.
    The name and lay out of the pallet was explained in her video, which you clearly didn’t watch.
    You can very clearly hear that you just don’t like Laura Lee, I’m not a fan of hers but this is a very biased video and doesn’t reflect the “journalism” aspect you claim to have on your channel. You come for her all the time and you’re acting petty saying she “comes for you all the time”, you’re the one that has reused the same stupid King Kong video the point it’s giving me ptsd. You’re talking about her not knowing what she’s doing, talking about things being easy to formulate… get out of your own ass John, a background in biomedical science does not equal a knowledge of cosmetics, the makeup you’ve applied previous has been atrocious, badly blended and generally poorly applied. Just watching this video it’s so obvious that you never watched hers, she made it clear that she worked with the factories herself, your comments on this are just so weak. It’s called “cat’s pyjamas” because that’s a turn of phrase that means “good” and there is a cat on the spine of the pallet, which you would have seen in her video. To anyone looking to comment that I don’t have to watch John if it pisses me off, you don’t have to buy Laura’s pallet or comment on her pallet. “For Laura Lee to water that down” about cyber bullying… didn’t you do that with domestic violence? I think you did, John. Hygiene control when it comes to cosmetics, you made me actually scoff, from your snap stories you’re kitchen nightmares cosmetics aren’t exactly hygienic. Laura Lee is allowed to make money, you sound so god damn jealous in this video John, it’s so sad compared to the kind of content you used to make that was genuinely well made, this is just pettiness.

  17. Laura better humble herself ! That’s higher than the Fenty Foundation AND THATS RIHANNA…… sit on that a minute THATS RIHANNNNNAAAAA

  18. I rly liked you in this vid! It reminded me of your old ones! You gave us the facts, then your opinion, then asked us for ours!👌🏻 Well done! *This* is the type of vid that made me fall in love w/your content so long ago! You seemed incredibly real in this!

  19. Firstly John , hello from Australia! Love to the Kuckian fam !! Xxx I watch your videos and also beauty guru videos quite often.. In Australia its very hard to find high end brands and products at an afforable price .. $40 USD for a palette , which would probably work out to be over $50 AUD PLUS USD shipping costs on top of this price .. Seems ridiculous .. For subscribers and followers of these guru’s that are situated in other countries , the price outweighs the benefits .. I know that personally I look for a good deal or bargain sale at times , I cant speak for everyone but if im wanting to try a new product and dont know how its going to perform , it sways me to not purchase because im scared of waisting my hard earned dollars (especially being on a budget) … Where im situated , its not a fair price at all for the basics , its not something I personally could gravitate towards , not when a brand like Tarte can offer me free shipping on $50+ spent (or $10 shipping AUD) on a palette and other items from the US , with quality & quantity I know I can trust ! Some food for thought for people whom are looking at bang for their buck ..
    As a first product reveal , hmmmm not too sure how this will go down … Her followers will surely support and ourchase for the ‘NAME’ , but is the ‘NAME’ reputable for the price ?????? Im not sold

  20. omg I’m sorry this is so funny. I dont mind her I watch her videos no hard feelings but omg love you and your videos I can’t

  21. I think she is just trying to do it for money… not because she really loves makeup so disappointing 🙄 when i think of Laura I think of reviews on drugstore makeup not talented makeup artist so for her to do a basic palette it isn’t surprising but stupid that she put such a high price… I’d rather save my coin and buy something i will actually use and enjoy

  22. She clearly doesn’t care about her fanbase. There are people that genuinely like her but they’re unsure about the quality of her palette and just because they aren’t licking her ass she’s like: BLOCKED FOR CYBERBULLYING MEEEE!!! TIDDIES!!!!!!!

  23. Your so right about the artistic side of things…this just seems like such a money grab. Laura seems sweet but we have seen her true colors. I would never support her.

  24. I personally LOVE the palette! I understand everyone has their opinions but she did put a lot of hard work behind that palette whether you like her or not. I feel like people should be more respectful about it because, what if it were you and people were saying that stuff to you. How would you feel

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