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  1. Amaranth is the flower of the gods, and featured a lot when describing the ambrosia of life or something similar. It’s pronounced "amma ranth," second syllable stressed. There’s a song named "Amaranth," by Nightwish. It’s my favorite by them.
    I hate to say this, because I do like Laura and think she’s sweet, but I can tell she’s a bit below average intelligence, so I was quite surprised and proud to see her use amaranth to describe the color; it’s spot on. I’m glad she’s trying to expand her vocabulary. The fact that she used this word is proof that she is trying on an intellectual level imo. There’s a shade described as a flower, a bit of cohesion I suppose. There’s obviously other, more serious issues but nonetheless, I’m pleased by this tiny part.

  2. The colors are named for things people have called her in the past. I think it was her way of kinda doing a gentle FU to people who try to knock her down. I actually really like that she did that. I am subscribed to Laura but am not a die hard fan and don’t often watch her but I do think for her first, 100% independant launch, I think she did a great job. The palette isn’t supposed to be about Cats, it’s simply a saying meaning something that’s great. I do wish she would have varied the plum colors a little as they look a lot alike but other than that, I think she did a nice job…of course I’ve never used it so I can’t speak to the quality/usage. Nit picking everything that YouTubers do is just feeding the negativity in all forms of social media. I don’t understand why people can’t either support one another or just not give it any attention instead of pulling everyone apart. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple. I think constructive criticism is absolutely acceptable and helpful but only when it’s done in a respectful way. Just bitching about every little thing says so much more about you(John i don’t mean you specifically, i’m referring to the public as "you"} and not about the person, place or thing they are nit-picking.

  3. Laura Lee is dyslexic. She has mentioned it in her videos before. I am also dyslexic. I proof read everything over and over to make sure it’s right. It’s really something you have to work on constantly. It can be very frustrating. But it looks like she typed all of this up herself very quickly without thinking about it. I know what a struggle it can be, but if you’re trying to sell a product you need to put in more effort 😕

  4. She did a total overhaul of her site. Took the fashion off the main page, fixed the visuals of the palette itself you mentioned, fixed a couple spelling errors and COMPLETELY DELETED the formulas. Shady, shady!

  5. People actually go to school to learn how to do this properly. This is what happens when youtubers get too big for their britches and think they can do anything they want just because they have the money.

  6. I think you actually helped her out with such a detailed review. She should keep these things in mind next time & not go in one ear, out the other….p

  7. WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW just wow my titties are shaking hardcoooooreeeeeeee TBT I was expecting something like this BUT WOW

  8. It looks like she made this in $5 minutes. The lack of cohesion in the palette with the random copied and pasted flowers, glitter, the colours which aren’t even floral and the weird ass name are sooooo irritating. The website is hideous.

    I could’ve done better and I’m barely 15… I’ve DONE better. I design packaging for fun, minimalistic, elegant, whatever. The packaging is half the reason I buy a product because I appreciate good graphic design and a satisfying product that makes me happy to look at. This is so embarrassing for her- and I don’t mean to sound cocky but even I could’ve done better….

  9. Hmmm yeah, i totally agree that her website is *very* poorly written. 😕 It’s sooo unprofessional. And she went on and on about how long she worked on this, and how she put her heart and soul into this. I believe she said 2 years?!? Wellllll… it doesn’t really seem like it… Sigh…

    *AMARANTH* 😹😹😹

  10. This palette was just way over priced, Jaclyn’s palette was cheaper and you got so many more shades but people still dragged her for the price. I’m not really a Jaclyn fan but it just seems SO hypocritical. The shade range in this palette is just a no go. Got like 5 palettes in my collection already like this that are probably better quality

  11. I love Laura and I watch her videos, but I think she could’ve put more effort and attention into the website. Also I don’t think there’s anything special about the pallet, like we’ve seen it all before 🤷‍♀️

  12. I like ur videos but dam not even 3mins into the video and already an ad ? I get it you need to pay the bills but at least give me 5mins 😒😒 last time u had like 5 dam ads on a video getting tired of it

  13. In the description it says “5 mattes 4 shimmers and 1 simi-matte satin” , but when they list off the eyeshadows individually and stating the type of eyeshadow it is, it says 6 shimmers and 4 mattes.

  14. Btw she said “Cat’s Pajamas” is a phrase used in the south that means something that is cool or the sh*t just so everyone knows😂😂 idk if it makes a difference but 🤷🏻‍♀️🙂

  15. LISTEN i will not even post a word on fb if i am unsure of the spelling. THIS CANNOT BE REAL OMG!
    Girl maybe you are not too bright but PAY somebody!

  16. These titties are too big to quake this much
    I’m drowning in some tea right now holy hell
    I love Laura but…gurl this is sloppy toppy shit right here.

    But hey, tea is good for you so….

  17. Knowing beforehand that the sound of Laua Lee’s voice and her horrible mannerisms literally make me react as if someone is dragging fingernails down a giant chalkboard, I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t want anything at all to do with her Cat’s Pajamas makeup palette. Or her "fashion line." I simply can’t with her. And I’m glad her palette is flopping. It looks like nothing special at all and I can’t even believe someone would pay $40 for those average shadows.

  18. Not gonna lie I love Laura and bought a palette. I’ve also never agreed with anything you’ve said before, but this….THIS……there are NO excuses for spelling errors and mistakes like that. When you said it sounded like English wasn’t the first language of the person who wrote this….I couldn’t agree more. The extra spaces after the bullet points make me INSANE…I hope these errors will be fixed quickly…everyone makes mistakes, but these are blatant & obvious errors.

  19. Grammar errors don’t look unprofessional or lacking care.
    Grammatical errors make you look stupid/thick/dumb as fuck (whatever terms are mainstream at this moment) and as if she is a little girl playing in the industry

  20. Also, why do you think influencers like Tati have disabled the comments in their "honest reviews" videos where they go on and on and on about what an "amazing" palette this is and how pigmented the shadows are (even though they’re admitting you have to build the color up to get payoff)? John, you’re 100% correct – they’re all promoting palettes together as a way to get the other influencers to push their palettes/products when they hit the market. It’s a scam for sure and I’m not having it!

  21. People like her are the reason people hate on southerners for being dumb and uneducated. I promise we’re not all like that.

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