Laundry Room Makeover || Part 4 || Progress with Paint ||

Laundry Room Makeover || Part 4 || Progress with Paint ||

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This is part four of my laundry makeover where progress is made with more paint and I had enough time to work on another part of the basement. Enjoy!
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50 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover || Part 4 || Progress with Paint ||

  1. This is just a suggestion for a later time, if you decide to use it at all.
    Since you have moisture problems in your basement, have you considered getting a small dehumidifier? We use one during the summer as otherwise we end up with a foul-smelling basement with mold. During the other months we don’t need it as the heat is on and everything downstairs stays dry. They’re not a sexy thing to buy or own, but they are worth having.

  2. Hi Sophia, en tournant ton armoire contre le mur, tu auras plus de lumiรจre provenant de la petite fenรชtre :))

    Fรฉlicitations pour ton travail !!!

  3. The boards are called crown molding XD it looks so good already. Also that cabinet is fantastic, if only I owned a car. I could get something like that

  4. Great improvement! What vacuum do you have? How do you like it? Donโ€™t your fingernails ever split after working in water?

  5. Looking really good so far. I canโ€™t wait until itโ€™s done. Great cabinet also. Absolute favorite Youtuber!

  6. Great job Sophia and the cabinet is beautiful, great price and loads of storage for your fabrics. Enjoy your tea and love your videos along with your bubbly sweet personality. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿฆ‹

  7. I will follow you until you finish this laundry room! I don’t care if it takes 5 years! Looking better and better!!!!!

  8. Are you sure you shouldn’t have a foundation expert inspect your basement regarding water issues? covering up the problem is not the answer. Also, isn’t the water seepage problem creating mould — which is bad for everyone’s health? First things first.

  9. Are you able to put expanding foam on the area outside where the leaves were or some rubber sticky insulation that can be shoved down in there ? Or maybe some waterproof sealant? Something that will close that gap, but not block off the area?

  10. Shofia , my vent for the dryer is exhausted through a metal panel in the window. Since your fixting the window…research that design. Shorter distance to run hose. Just a thought. Look at Drylock paint for your wall at the stairs. made to seal water. Most need 3 to 4 coats after drying….then it will last a long time.

  11. LOVE that cabinet! It is a very nice addition to your sewing room. I know you were trying to use the rest of the paint up,but next time…I think you have used it before…use Kiltz,for water mold areas. I think there is something else in that line too for cement block walls. What you did,sure made it look better though. where the black foam stuff is…could you caulk over it?or replace with caulk and smooth the area out? I guess it won’t matter if you are going to frame it up. That is really going to make a difference.

  12. Great job once again!! In my house I felt everything looked yellow even after we put a fresh coat of white paint. We changed the majority of our light bulbs to the day light bulbs, it really brightens the room up…

  13. Suggestion Styrofoam sheets to cover ceiling fake ceiling for an inexpensive solution other than that great job Sophia i know you are on a budget and you are making an excellent effort to spruce up your home …… rock""

  14. what about a circular shower curtain rail and pale colour shower curtain for around the toilet ; open for use closed to not see ??? maybe

  15. Looks fabulous Sophia! I would caddy-corner that new cabinet (itโ€™s beautiful by the way! You got a great deal!) that way youโ€™re not covering the windows. Youโ€™re doing an awesome job!

  16. Hey sophia! How you doing? How are the kids we havent seen them for a while! It may be wierd but the windows look brighter with the cling! Do you use a special paint for the effervessence? Its a vig problem here in spain and we have a special paint for it.

  17. Looking good!!! I admire that you are doing this when you really would rather quilt all day x priorities!!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโญ๏ธ
    Excellent video to show people how to hugely improve a space even if you can’t completely make it over like you would like to. You are feeling much happier with the space and that’s what matters. Fresher, brighter and happier x
    Win, win, win!!!

  18. ุงู†ุชูŠ ูƒู…ุงู† ุดุบู„ูŠูƒ ูƒุชูŠุฑ ู†ุทูŠู

  19. Could you use one of those round shower curtain rods for your toilet so then it cash be opened or closed, maybe you could make so homemade curtains for it..

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