Laundry Room Makeover || Part 3 || New Shelving (In Poor Lighting)

Laundry Room Makeover || Part 3 || New Shelving (In Poor Lighting)

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I have to apologize for the poor quality here, don t know what happened with the lighting. In any event, this is part three of my laundry makeover where progress is made via a new shelf and a cover for the heating system. Enjoy!
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50 thoughts on “Laundry Room Makeover || Part 3 || New Shelving (In Poor Lighting)

  1. I don’t know how you get so much done but you really amaze me and I love how you tackle anything head on even when you don’t have a drill, nothing stops you and you get the job done!! Love your videos!

  2. Literally nothing stops you, you are so darn cool sophia! I have a floating shelf that needs to go up, watching you i think i might have a go myself .. here goes…..

  3. i usually don’t read comments so if someone posted this before sorry to lighten up the room could you maybe get some inexpensive light colored fabric and staple it to the rafters in the ceiling it might lighten things up and cover up the rafters cheaply

  4. Must be a bit of Halloween spookiness with your dimmer lighting! Looking good so far! Once you get everything washed and painted it’ll feel a lot better in you LR. I have been known to use one of those brushes in between the floors joints to knock down lint & spider webs. Get the ladder out with a bucket and literally wash them and all the pipes and duct work. Amazing how dirty the water gets. Simply feels good to know it’s been cleaned…needs to be done again. Where that broken window with crawl space could you make a long quilt runner and hang on a curtain rod using tabs? You could add some red in the quilted piece. Another thing you could do is get metal ducts for you dryer vent, maybe you get it up towards the ceiling or run under the washtub then up to the outside opening. We sell appliances and the flexible ducts seem to hold more lint, which can cause a dryer fire.

  5. The new shelf and moving the clothes plus the cover on the heating unit already make the room so much nicer looking.Β  I’m quite sure that when you get it all done you will feel much better about the room and about being in there doing laundry.Β  Great job!

  6. Loving the transformation. Small changes equal big results. So glad you didn’t let the poor lighting stop you from uploading as this was a very helpful video. I have more confidence to try now because of you. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  7. The laundry room looks greatπŸ˜€ Also, your haircut looks so cute…I think this is the first time I’ve seen it from the back.

  8. What you’ve done is perfect for requirements, although it’s probably not going to be perfect and how you would like, it’s going to be a more pleasant place to do your laundry. Donna in the U.K. xXx

  9. It looks fine, when your finished you’ll feel much better then! Our homes are a work in progress they come together slowly yet again it seems as if they’re always changing. Oh well you did great! πŸ‘πŸΎ

  10. It looks better already with the room opened up; those clothes hanging in the middle of the room made it feel congested. Great job so far!

  11. Sophia, It’s already looking so much better. Good job with the self. I like the heater cover too. Every little thing will add up to such an improved space. Cheers.

  12. Sophia, do u use a specific hanger just for "hanging" laundry to keep track of who put hangers back in laundry room for next load? Does everyone have different color hangers too?

  13. I keep hangers in my laundry room. I put clothes on hangers as I bring them out of dryer. Makes for a lot less folding for me πŸ˜€
    I wish I had a basement!

  14. Looks good! The shelf worked out well. My suggestion is to fit the radiator cover all the way to the right so it butts against the wall and get another length to go to the left. You should be able to trim the end with a razor knife to fit against the soil pipe. They make a clip that covers the joins of the cover.

  15. The room already looks so much better than it did before you started decluttering and cleaning and repairing . I would not block a window, though. Might caulk around them.

  16. I have a electric dryer which I only use once or twice a week because it obnoxiously expensive to run despite the fact that it is less than 3 years old. Using it for sheets, blankets and dog bedding if I can’t hang them out means a electric bill that is around $100.00. When the dryer was being used all the time, the electric bill was upwards of $250.00-300.00 per month which I wasn’t willing to put up with.

    My point of bringing this up was to say that there is nothing wrong with hanging clothes to dry. I have a rack from Ikea that is meant for clothes on hangers ( it sits on the floor and has wheels), a folding rack from Lowes and another one which is a piece of junk that needs to be replaced. The one from Lowes collapses, so if a person doesn’t want to look at it when they’re done with it, they don’t have to. The one that needs to be replaced doesn’t fold or collapse. It was cheap and falling apart, so I next time I go to Lowes, the old drying rack will be leaving the house.

  17. You could get a hanging fluorescent light (shop light) instead of the single blinding bulb. They are super cheap and sometimes come with all the hanging apparatus included.

  18. SOPHIA!! You should get the light bulb called daylight bulb. It will probably do a very good job brightening up your laundry room.

  19. Oooh, I think your house may be a touch haunted! Illogical behaviour in cameras / electrical equipment is a sure sign! I wonder if you have ever noticed anything else? Maybe leave the paint out with a brush handy – perhaps a good spirit might finish the work for you in the middle of the night! Great job – the room already looks sooo much better. Lol on the leadless pencil – a house full and that’s the one to hand! Ain’t that always the way? Tfs.

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