Lace Eye Makeup (Simple)

Lace Eye Makeup (Simple)

I know it looks complicated, but this lace eye makeup is actually very easy to re-create one it’s broken down into small steps. Simple and surprisingly wearble alternative makeup.

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To see how this would look on other eye colours check my blog post here:


Muisc by J Loftus :


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What I used:

-All the other brushes I used in this video (including the foundation brush I used for my BB cream) were from the blush Professional Set (*) (**):

-Shadow Worx Primer (*): ‪‬

-Mua Eyeshadow (shade 1)

-White Eyeliner:

-Collection 200 Extreme Eyeliner in black:

-Barry M black Eyeliner:

-Sugarpill Black Eyeshadow:
-U.K seller:
-U.S. seller:

-Royal Lash Glue:


-Individual false lashes:

-MUA Mascara:

-For my skin I used Skin 79 BB Cream:…


Items marked with a (*) were either given to me at events or sent to me to review. I am not paid to use any of the products mentioned, if I use it it’s because I like it 🙂

Anything marked with a (**) is an affiliate link. This means that if some purchases a product through this link I get a percentage of the sale. It dose not cost you more to purchase through this link and the companies that I am affiliated with are companies who’s products I really like and use often 🙂

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50 thoughts on “Lace Eye Makeup (Simple)

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  3. Practice. Try some of her stuff out, an the purpose of these videos is to show you how do things so you can make them your own. 🙂

  4. I tried it it never does look as good as it does on the internet but I still love the concept

  5. You’re GORGEOUS. When I started watching your tutorial I was expecting another girl that looked like all the other beauty gurus I’ve seen so far. Then, you look up and smiled and in that moment, I thought WOW.

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