Kitchen Makeover Vlog & New Kitchen Tour!

Kitchen Makeover Vlog & New Kitchen Tour!

Very proud of the kitchen we designed using pieces from IKEA and an obsession with Pinterest! What do you think of our interior design skills? It was quite a process to get through having our small house full of boxes but we’re really pleased with the transformation!

Skip to 15:00 to see the finished kitchen


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28 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Vlog & New Kitchen Tour!

  1. Love the kitchen ladies, fantastic job on the design. Claudia loved your video editing, you’ve done a fantastic job. You should be extremely proud of yourselves.

  2. I am ridiculously pleased for you guys! What a fabulous kitchen 💚 (also rather jealous! Goodness me, half our kitchen cupboards are missing doors entirely.)

  3. New kitchen is beautiful ladies, much more Jessie and Claude style than the last one! Well done on the editing too Claudia, very professional and artistic xx

  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG your oven is making me hyperventilate!!!!! That is the most amazing oven I have ever seen! I don’t think we can get those here and I’m SOOOOOOO jealous! I’m terrified of ovens being low down because I’m always afraid I’m gonna fall on the door….

  5. Omg I absolutely *love* your outfit on oven day. Just everything about it is perfect. I really love that shirt.

    Your kitchen looks great. I love remodeling. Just the newness of everything is exciting.

  6. wonderful kitchen ladies.  The pups seen to approve.  I like that there is no wasted space and everything has a proper place.  Very nice.  Stay well and happy.

  7. Good job on the editing Claudia! Congratulations to the both of you on the new kitchen. She sure got a beautiful makeover. That oven is literal goals! Would you mind sharing the brand with us please? I giggled when you put your dog in the sink and then said it’s also a perfect size for a baby. D’awwwwww! You two are going to be amazing moms. <3 Always awesome when good stuff happens to great people! Good job with the design as well ladies! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. Loved the kitchen, its beautiful! Tilly and Walter liked it too ! You both looked so happy at the picnic , thank you for sharing 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. The shots of the finished kitchen; the flowers, you making the toast and eggs, were stunning!!! Amazing editing Claudia!
    Love the end result, super envious of that oven though 😱👏😍 Also, now I’m kind of hoping to see lots of cooking videos soon…pretty please?! 🍞🥐🥘😍

  10. Hope you’ve enjoyed the video! Claudia put a lot of time and thought into editing it and I’m really, really proud so please give her a thumbs up for some encouragement 🙂
    If you want to support the channel you can do so through the medium of coffee (diet coke. But let’s pretend I drink adult drinks)

  11. We have one of those carousel things too but we use it for tupperware. Maybe we shoud take your advice and store dried goods in it instead because the lids are always sliding off and getting stuck underneath the rotating part!

  12. Great video, beautiful kitchen and wonderful editing job Claudia! I felt like I was watching a home renovating show 🙂

  13. First of all Claudia the editing is awesome well done! Secondly I agree us spoonies rewear things a lot for that very reason! Lastly your kitchen looks so much bigger and prettier! Love it x

  14. Loved that! It’s amazing what you can do with a smaller space! I want to redo my kitchen and bathroom, love the mini dresser idea! X

  15. the kitchen looks so great, i love the way it turned out. the design looks very well thought out and so pretty! loved the video, keep up the great work! cheers from austria 🙂

  16. Claudia did an excellant job editing! I love that its a tag team. Jessica does the video for everything and Claudia now does the editing. Your redone kitchen is gorgeous. That oven is especially cool

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