50 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Cat Eye Makeup – MAC Cosmetics

  1. I think Julia is one of the only makeup artists on YT that knows how to do various kinds of makeup and do it well. She is one of the only makeup artist on YT who does true makeup artistry. I think a lot of the highly subscribed so called "makeup artists"could learn a thing or two from her.

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  3. everything she uses is top of the brand and sometimes can’t find the items …kinda makes it hard to do…..

  4. I think I’ve watched this video 100 times lol! You are the first guru that I remember watching putting soft brown into the crease and that has been my go to crease color for the longest! 😀

  5. This is my absolute favorite look because this is the first video I’ve seen from you after that you became my favorite makeup guru

  6. I didn’t love it… I felt it needed better precision and execution… Don’t get all these other comments… Constructive criticism… Gorgeous girl… Makeup, not so much.

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