Join My Next 30-Day Room Makeover Challenge! – Saturday Night Chat – Thrift Diving

Join My Next 30-Day Room Makeover Challenge! – Saturday Night Chat – Thrift Diving

Everyone has that one project they’ve not been able to complete–whether they’re making excuses, life has gotten in the way, or there are real challenges. Name one project or room makeover that you’ve not been able to complete and why. Next, commit to join my readers and me for my next 30-Day Room Makeover Challenge starting NOVEMBER 1st and get that project done NO LATER THAN November 31st! No excuses…..just dedication, support from everyone participating, and a DEADLINE!

The official sign-up will be starting this week, but in the meantime, add your name to my Room Challengers list and I’ll email you when the official sign-up is available this week:

Need a Kick in the Butt to Make Your House Look Good?

Here’s the laundry room makeover I referenced at the 8:20 min point, which is the first room makeover I did for our very first room makeover challenge. Horrible “before” picture!! Ugh…

BEFORE & AFTER: My Pretty Little Laundry Room Makeover!

Here are some of the room makeovers that we have done in other cycles for my readers and me:

June Room 2017 Makeover Challenge:

Meet the “June Room” Makeover Challengers and Their “BEFORE” Pictures!

August Upgrade 2015 Makeover Challenge:

The 30-Day August Upgrade Room “BEFORE” and “AFTERS”!

Junk-Free January Makeover Challenge:

The 30-Day “Junk-Free” January Room Challenge!

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7 thoughts on “Join My Next 30-Day Room Makeover Challenge! – Saturday Night Chat – Thrift Diving

  1. My neighbor gave me to 2 arm chairs last summer. I want to strip and re-stain the arms and legs and paint the upholstery.

  2. My garage too… it’s full of kids outdoor toys, vehicles and its also full of furniture that I want to refinish, and I’m getting it done one piece at a time (but I keep adding more stuff to refinish). I really want to organize it (I’m sure it will happen by spring).

  3. I want to lay the floor in my spare room so I can gave a craft room. The flooring was buried in my ridiculous garage. I got the garage all cleaned out and can actually get 2 cars in there now. I donated a truck load on Thursday of things I got from Goodwill. Cleaned out my storage too. Now the 93.00 a month can go to crafting.

  4. My garage is a mess too.. I bought an old organ from the thrift store that I am wanting to make into a bar… it’s a big project that is taking longer than I thought ..

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