Japanese Eye Makeup (The Basics)

Japanese Eye Makeup (The Basics)

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Obviously there are physical limitaions for those that are not Japanese (like me!) to do the “Japanese makeup”. Yet, I do believe that there are a lot of ladies out there wondering how to unlock the Japanese gals’ secret makeup methods.

I didn’t do anything crazy, it’s just the basics of basics 🙂
puff and curl your hair, get your nails done and strike a pose!
you’ll look like those Japanese girls too

Just keep these elements in mind.

1. flawless skin
2. bursting eye lashes
3. pale pink lip colors
4. curly, girly hair
5. don’t over draw your lines!

———- products used ————-

* Shu Uemura Pro Concealer
* Chanel Vitalumiere fluid foundation
* Beauty Blender sponge
* Shiseido MAQUILLAGE Sparkle Contrast Eyes Eyeshadow quad (BR752)
* Black Radiance liquid eyeliner
* Blinc Kiss Me mascara bass
* Lancome l’extreme mascara
* Sephora colorful mono mat No.01 (black)
* Sephora colorful mono mat No.03 (Brown for contouring)
* Etude silver metallic shadow (for highlights)
* E.l.f eyeliner and shadow stick (tear ducts)
* Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush 1 Pink Sugar
* Lancome color fever gloss 330


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50 thoughts on “Japanese Eye Makeup (The Basics)

  1. no, u r so wrong , it just telling you who is giving you his opinion. this way you know how to answer him. ofcoarse we guys have a point of view about make up, but that doesn’t mean , we think girls wear make up for us.

  2. ok i ll explain it to you , hopefully u realize u read the comment wrong….#1 he never said women wear make up for guys ( you some how thought he said that) #2 he said that women use make up for the same reason u said ,to look great. you said to feel empowered? i dont see how make up can empower u but it does make women look flawless. so ur argument makes no sense it’s as if u r arguing with another person , not david….

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  4. Errmm firstly you put Japanese EYE tutorial as the name why was you putting on foundation or concealer or whatever the fuck you was using on that shit face of yours and secondly get yourself some proper brushes man goshhhh 😑😖

  5. That’s the biggest lie i have seen today, what make them feel empowered is the fact that other persons are staring. The probe is that in their homes, they don’t makeup. What you said is called hypocrisy. Even your comment is focused on other persons better than you could think in silence.

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  7. omg todo lo que le asen a suss pestañas,gracias a Dios mi unico atractivo son las pestañas Hehehe…. y no ocupo de aserles nada. :p

  8. "From a guys point of view" entails that men think it matters what they think about what a woman puts on here face.

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  10. I really like this video, I was really helpful, I’m Greek so its hard for me to even come close to looking Asian but it gave me some great ideas for the future, thaaaanks!!! Your so kawaii!!!

  11. Funny how these guys are so lippy about a freakin MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!!! Who cares about guys’ point of view about makeup and shit! This lady only want to show us a video about applying eye makeup! You guys should stop whinging and whining like a girl! Unless you also want to make your eyes popped using this makeup technique!!

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  13. #1, quoting David’s: "from a guy’s point of view" YES he technically said that woman use make up for guys, and #2, women naturally like to be beautiful, so yes, make up can make us feel empowered. Wait, why am I explaining this? You’re a guy, if you don’t like girls wearing make up, then stop watching make up videos.

  14. I am Navajo (Native American) and I have big eyes just like yours and I enjoyed how you did your makeup. Thank you for posting

  15. Why am i reading coments of guys about fake-makeup-girls?? o.o
    What are they doing here on the first place? they wanted to improve their looks?? Dont missunderstand me, because well, if they are gay, im totally ok with it -im a fujoshi- but i dont understand why they come to write bad coments on a MAKE UP video :s

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