Interior Design — Dream Bedroom Makeover for a Rock Star

Interior Design — Dream Bedroom Makeover for a Rock Star

H&H’s Reiko Caron shows us how she turned an out-of-date bedroom into an edgy yet pretty retreat for Kylie Miller, lead guitarist in The Beaches band. The spacious room was featured in House & Home magazine in 2002, and hadn’t been renovated since. Now, 15 years later, Reiko gave it a complete overhaul with versatile furniture from Structube, choosing pieces that Kylie can easily take with her when she eventually moves out into a condo.

Reiko started with a dramatic moody floral wallpaper mural, and then centered a glossy black low-profile bed in front of it. As the room has no overhead light fixture, she opted for task lamps, a marble-base table lamp and a modern black floor lamp. A glass console table doubles as a desk and make-up vanity thanks to the arched mirror above it. Reiko also created a chic sitting area complete with a gallery wall, green velvet couch and a cozy arm chair. Accessories like a faux fur throw bring in a Hollywood glam look, and ready-made drapery panels neaten the open closet. Throughout the room, the combination of black, pale blush pink, deep green and creamy white create a sophisticated vibe.

Presented by Structube.

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50 thoughts on “Interior Design — Dream Bedroom Makeover for a Rock Star

  1. It’s beautifully done, but as one of the comments stated, where is the work space?
    Unless she has another space, her workspace should have been considered when making the room makeover.

  2. What happened to the big desk with the computer and printer? That seems way more important than a couch. Like the person that room is for said, that little table is for makeup. Not big enough for the desk, plus all the technology was removed. Unless I missed a part of the room where the desk was?

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