How to Remove Nail Polish Without Staining! (Nail Polish 101) || KELLI MARISSA

How to Remove Nail Polish Without Staining! (Nail Polish 101) || KELLI MARISSA


Today is a super quick and easy Nail Polish 101 video on how to remove your nail polish without staining your skin or your cuticle! You know how black nail polish gives you zombie hands?! Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore πŸ˜› this is way better than the foil method, I love it!

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MY CLEANUP BRUSH (only $1!!):



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24 thoughts on “How to Remove Nail Polish Without Staining! (Nail Polish 101) || KELLI MARISSA

  1. I definitely going to start using this method, it’s much better than what I’m currently doing. Great video Kelli β™‘

  2. I like using Kleenex disposable hand towels instead of cotton pads or balls. I find I use way less and it doesn’t fall apart as easily as cotton does.

  3. if you already enjoy photography, go for it!!! I’ve been a photographer for more than half my life now, my grandma bought me my first pro camera at 15. the more you learn, the more fun it becomes! it’s also a great way to relieve some stress & anxiety for me.

  4. Your makeup is so pretty 😫😍 Thanks for the tip, I always have troubles with my nails getting stained. I live in Canada so is cold and windy here rn lol at 6 pm it was like 6°C (42 F)

  5. Intriguing. I shall try that. πŸ™‚ what polish remover do you recommend for removing polish from acrylics? I swear I’m using the right (non-acetone) but my nails feel a bit sticky/gooey. ???

  6. Thank you for that tip, Kelli! I have tried doing that same thing before, and even after letting it sit a long time, some polishes are still difficult to remove! I use the Cuccio base coat (you recommended that, and thank you because it’s SO much better than the drugstore ones!) and the 7 second reactive top coat. I don’t have a uv light, so I go hold my hands up to the sun-it works! I’m still occasionally having the issue I mentioned a while back, where the ENTIRE thing (base, color, topcoat) comes off my nails in 1 whole piece that looks like a press-on nail. I don’t know why on earth that happens- but it seems when that doesn’t happen, I cannot get the polish off without a fight no matter how long I wrap the nails. I’m feeling like a freak LOL! I am sorry that I ramble, but one more thing and that is: speaking of cuticle cuts… My hands have been excessively dry the last few days, and it’s the worst around my fingernails. I have some diy cuticle oil- basically coconut oil, olive oil, and lemon juice. So… I didn’t realize that some of the skin had actually cracked, but I sure learned in a hurry! No lie, the lemon juice stung worse than nail polish remover! So it’s another situation I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, because if I use the oil, it’ll sting again, but if I don’t, the skin will keep cracking. I’ve tried other things but that mix is the only thing my dry hands and nails like! I have had 4 hours of sleep in the last 4 days (I have sleeping disorders) & I am not even sure what all I just wrote! 🀷😸❀️❀️❀️

  7. Great tip!! I usually use the "dip it jars" from target or CVS. The one with the sponge for creams and the one with the bristles for glitter, but I add olive oil or vitamin e oil (99 cent store) so it’s not so drying on my nails! Tfs

  8. My technique is super close to this! Mostly cause I was going through cotton balls way too fastπŸ˜‚ I start with a little cuticle oil all over as a barrier to prevent any dry skin from absorbing polish, rip the cotton ball up into little pieces, and then just hold for a second and swipe straight downπŸ‘Œ Great video and bomb makeup as always KelliπŸ’‹

  9. My nails get oily and the nail polish just peels off after a week or so. I use Seche Vite’s base and top coats.

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