How to Paint Elegant Roses with Nail Polish

How to Paint Elegant Roses with Nail Polish

Suzie shares her technique of how to create elegant, yet simple Roses with Nail Polish.

Products Used in this Video:

Kennebunk-Port, Ski Teal We Drop, My Gecko Does Tricks

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49 thoughts on “How to Paint Elegant Roses with Nail Polish

  1. Suzie! I have bought the pink ceramic bits that you always use. I don’t think from the same provider but they have cut so much time off of my fills and have saved my clients cuticles. Thank you for being so honest and trustworthy.

  2. u make nail art look so easy! lol. i saw a video on someone doing roses with acrylic, i was shocked for a good 3 minutes

  3. Your tutorials are very easy to follow. I love that you show if you mess up or don’t like something so we know it’s okay that we have to do over again too. And I love that you have tutorials for people who want to be nail technicians and also for people like me who like doing our own nails. You are amazing! I love you! You got me back into doing my nails again.

  4. Wow1  That looks fab!  I would never thought to do roses in such a fashion.  I amazed at how the simplicity of the lines looks so much better than something more complex and over-worked (my big problem).  So, speaking of Christmas, will you do a snowflake nail design for us?

  5. I would really like to see how your camerman i making your nails! Would be so much fun ^^ also maybe you can make a video about making perfect strips? navy/marine style?

  6. Love Love Love to watch & listen. Question: Did you start your channel before you caught the perfect "Camera Man " and then convinced him into filming . Or did Camera Man already have film skills before you started your channel. Your fans have assumed you are a matched set . We may just be dreaming. The two of you are darling and very skilled in your professions. I don’t know of another channel that can match you for the in depth nail work, ease of presentation, close ups and clarity of shots. Like others , I am addicted . No disrespect to anyone else, there may be a ton of others , I just have not searched enough– Yet .

  7. You can avoid smearing with a quick dry topcoat by carefully gliding the brush over not directly on the nail/design and make sure you have the right amount on the brush

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