House Makeover! | Minecraft: Harmony Hollow SMP – S3 Ep.11

House Makeover! | Minecraft: Harmony Hollow SMP – S3 Ep.11

Hello Gremlins and welcome to another episode of “Minecraft: Harmony Hollow” Season Three, a Modded Multiplayer Survival series with a bunch of awesome Youtubers!

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50 thoughts on “House Makeover! | Minecraft: Harmony Hollow SMP – S3 Ep.11

  1. …..Why not just ask Del to do all of that stuff for u? XD. I mean, en una comunidad siempre habra un arquitecto sin diploma

  2. I know how you can make the stairs better, you know that part where it looks like… _______
    On the back of the stairs.
    Sort of, put stairs backwards on it. I can’t describe it well.

  3. Mariel, your actually very,very,very,very good at making stairs. When I make stairs, it just looks like a big blob. Lol

  4. I absolutely love the stairs! 😍
    We have some like those in my grandparents house! When I was little I *LOVED* playing on them! 😊

  5. You should make your a neutral place between the vampire hunters and the vampires. You can ask Dangthelongname for his opinion of the stairs you made. You ask one of the vampires to test the garage door widow.

  6. Hey Mariel! I got to thinking about you repaying Delly ❀️, and how about if you make him (maybe even everyone on the server) a trick or treat treasure hunt!! πŸ™‚ hope you consider my idea.. love you. Hope you are having fun doing what you love. – Kylie

  7. What are you talking about,the stairs you built look so cool I might try to build them in my Minecraft house πŸ‘πŸ½

  8. You could use an armour stand so that it holds the helm and the axe.BTW you are the best YT ever hope you had a wonderful day.

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