Full Face Clown Makeover on Dad!

Full Face Clown Makeover on Dad!

Parker gives his dad a full face clown makeover! Parker uses clown makeup and a wig to complete this fun Halloween look.

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All of our videos are closed captioned.

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* Little boy Parker Ballinger uses every makeup guru’s best tips and tricks and does his own tutorial on how to do a full face of clown makeup on his dad, Chris Ballinger. He loves doing this style of makeup and recently did his own full face of makeup tutorial using only Miranda Sings’ red lipstick! *

50 thoughts on “Full Face Clown Makeover on Dad!

  1. YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB PARKER!!! i love so much! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„
    James charles, u better watch out πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  2. Okay but Parker actually did a great job, at first I wasn’t sure about how doing the white last would turn out (not that it matters) but it honestly made it pop. I love that your kids have so much enthusiasm, confidence and pride in their work.

  3. Christopher: So am I gonna be a happy clown, a sad clown, a scary clown? What kind of clown are you gonna make me?

    Parker: I don’t know. I was just gonna…. I was just gonna make you a clown.

  4. People need to share this with James Charles

    Chris:who are you talking to?
    Parker: James Charles!

  5. Let me now if anyone ever figures out who James Charles is. I just love watching the things Parker comes up with. Lovely family!

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