Fixing Childhood Dream Doll – DIY Barbie Doll Makeover

Fixing Childhood Dream Doll – DIY Barbie Doll Makeover

Hello Everyone! Today I am going to make a makeover transformation video with my childhood dream vintage Barbie doll which is manufactured in 1991. I will recover and fix this old Barbie doll’s hair, bangs and change her clothes and accessories. I am really satisfying when rescue an old and a vintage Barbie doll. I decided to make this Barbie doll’s hair immediately when I saw her. She was elegant and sophisticated, but needed my help. Today’s task was really hard but this doll worth it. My dollhouse and Barbie doll collection is getting bigger day by day.

Barbie doll’s are the great choice to try new DIY “Do it Yourself” hairstyles and haircut. you can dye your doll’s hair, change the style and anything you want, it is all up to your imagination.

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16 thoughts on “Fixing Childhood Dream Doll – DIY Barbie Doll Makeover

  1. WOW only 14 comments 😬 that is sad!!!!i love your vids so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tip:(i was commenting when the video was playing:P)

  2. OMG I bought that doll second hand last month! I always wanted one as a child! I put her on a jointed fashionistas body and she looks so nice now!

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