Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

In this eye makeup tutorial for brown eyes, Make-Up Designory’s Reiva Cruze demonstrates how to use complimentary eyeshadow colors to make brown eyes stand out. This is a look that will also work well when you’re working on someone with amber eyes.
Reiva begins by applying a base using the Vintage Eye Pencil and the #810 Smudger Brush (http://shop.mudshop.com/810-smudger-natural-blend-brush )on the upper eyelid. The Vintage Eye Pencil (http://shop.mudshop.com/vintage-eye-pencil ) has a nice warm violet tone that compliments the hues in the model’s brown eyes. Reiva uses the same Vintage Eye Pencil color on the lower lash line but applies it using the #210 Angle Brush (http://shop.mudshop.com/210-angle-liner-brush ). When you do this, try to work your way in from the outer and inner corners so that you meet the two lines in the middle of the eyelid, just below the lash.
Building her look up from this base, Reiva has selected three eyeshadow colors, which she will apply using her #800 Brush. The first is MUD’s Voodoo Eye Color (http://shop.mudshop.com/voodoo ), a dark shimmery violet. Reiva uses Seinna (http://shop.mudshop.com/sienna ) to warm up and tone it down some.
The #810 Smudger Brush now comes back into play to diffuse the edges.
Next Reiva uses her #300 flat brush (http://shop.mudshop.com/300-small-shadow-brush ) to apply a Bronzed Eye Color (http://shop.mudshop.com/bronzed ) highlight to only the inner part of the uppers eyelids.
To complete the eye makeup application, Reiva uses a #500 Fan Brush (http://shop.mudshop.com/500-mascara-synthetic-brush ) to apply mascara to the lashes.

50 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

  1. @Imogen Brady Nah you are, she’s very pretty and you’re either jealous, extremley ugly yourself , or just stupid to the max to think that modle is even near ugly

  2. will this work for really dark brown eyes too….? and what eyeshadow pallet are you using.. what’s it called? thanks:)

  3. brown and Amber is the same thing. Amber is just another name for it. But even though Amber is more of a brighter brown, its still brown.

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  6. Ok what if people don’t have brown eyes with amber in it or any light color?
    What if they made a video for people who have brown eyes with a red tint in them?

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