» EXTREME MAKEOVER | Lulu Does My Makeup «

» EXTREME MAKEOVER | Lulu Does My Makeup «

For this weeks testing video, I try something very new to me, a new style. Lulu gives me an extreme makeover and does my makeup in a way that I would never do! Even though I wouldn’t wear this in public, I’m really happy with the result and Lulu did an amazing job!

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24 thoughts on “» EXTREME MAKEOVER | Lulu Does My Makeup «

  1. You know, the punk style really suits you, Sofia! I know it’s not your thing, but dark makeup really does look good on you, and that’s saying something, because a lot of people wear dark makeup and it doesn’t suit them at all. You should do a video where your friend picks out punk style clothing for you too haha 💕💕

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