In this free to play Roblox game Ashdubh takes on BLOXBERG but today we demolish the old house and do an extreme make over by rebuilding the foundations to our new mansion in this new Roblox Adventure!!

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Thanks for watching: EXTREME HOUSE MAKEOVER IN BLOXBURG (Roblox)

Roblox is a free to play online game that anyone of all ages can enjoy. Roblox is a family friendly/kid friendly game where you can escape Roblox Jailbreak, create awesome Roblox Escape Obby’s and even go to Roblox Highschool to have some roleplay fun with friends or Roblox Guests! As well as exploring Roblox you can even CREATE GAMES YOURSELF and earn Robux by doing so!


  1. Asdubh! I have two tips for you!

    You can change the grid placement when you place furniture. When you start building there is a box with that says which floor and stuff, it also says about the grid placement. It usually says Large or Medium. You just click that to make it small and you can place pretty much anywhere in the grid instead of just the lines!

    When you paint walls or furniture and you want it to be the same texture or colour, you can click on the wall or piece of furniture whist colouring the piece of furniture you want to colour to set the same colour or texture!

    I hope this helped in any way.

  2. I Need that Animation Pack Ash has…pls give me some robux anyone?
    [And I’m not a Denis fan…hes the worst!]Ash is better…

  3. Plz do more of bloxburg! Your that good that im actually copying your house as from the time this comment was sent๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. It makes your character taller when you join you can change your height if you edit your character with the dresser or a wardrobe

  5. Hey guys guess what? Iโ€™m on a NEW IPAD! Every thing is larger. I have tons of space. I can play games my old iPad couldnโ€™t play. I got it yesterday on my BIRTHDAY! October 24!!

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