EASY Winged Eyeliner | All-in-One Stamp & Pen Review

EASY Winged Eyeliner | All-in-One Stamp & Pen Review

In this easy winged eyeliner tutorial I’m sharing a new winged eyeliner stamping pen I came across on Amazon and I’ll be showing you how to apply winged eyeliner using it, as well as a wear test. This is one of those products that makes winged eyeliner SO EASY! Unfortunately, this isn’t available on Amazon anymore (not sure why, I just bought it!) but I’ve included another place that is selling it below for you if you’d like to get it for yourself. πŸ™‚
Buy it here:

Eyeliner Stamp – by Vogue Effects Black, waterproof, smudgeproof, winged long lasting liquid eye liner, Vamp style wing

OR directly here:

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What Am I Wearing?
Lips: L’Oreal ‘He Thinks He’s Matte-Cho’
Hair color: Revlon’s Buttercream Intense Vivid Copper

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235 Apollo Beach Blvd., #214
Apollo Beach, FL 33572

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Thank YOU for watching!

42 thoughts on “EASY Winged Eyeliner | All-in-One Stamp & Pen Review

  1. πŸ›‘πŸ†˜πŸ›‘PLZZZS READπŸ›‘πŸ†˜πŸ›‘ As always looking so pretty…your hair color is amazing.. did u do it yourself or professionally? Asking cause im also a redhead an i can never find a color i like real well, cause my redhair is on the lighter side like yours (im a real redhead like u)thought I would clarify that do to so many people being a brunette an trying to go red without lightning the hair 1st.. Anyway bk to what i wanted to ask-if ur hair color is sumthg i can get, I would love to know where, brand & color???? Plzzz & as always keep those awesome vids coming…πŸ’„πŸ’…πŸƒπŸŒΊπŸƒπŸ‚πŸƒπŸπŸƒ

  2. Zabrena can you Review fenty beauty and Laura Lee’s cat pajamas because you are the only YouTuber that gives honest reviews??😍😍

  3. I just ordered this!! I have hooded eyes so I never wear winged liner cuz I have to get it just so and perfect on each side or my hooded eyelids will hide the wing. I can’t wait to try this and see if it can help me!! 🀞🏻

  4. I know this is completely random but can you do an updated skincare routine? I love all your videos and how down to earth you are.

  5. OMG for a moment I thought they actually named the product ‘Right Wing’ and I was thinking to myself "uhhh, no." But then I realized it was two pens, obviously. I’m a dope. But this product looks great! Cool that you get two pens for $12, it’s a great deal even just to use the felt tip sides.

  6. LOVING the burgundy hair, looks so pretty!
    The liner stamp is awesome, it came out perfectly symmetrical! Love it. I need this!!! 😊

  7. Neat! I’m going to look into this. Side note: I liked your look at the beginning when the only eye makeup you were wearing was just eyeshadow.

  8. OMG girl, your hair color is amazeballs! If I’m not mistaken you are a natural redhead? I only wish that I could achieve that color on my dark brown hair.

    I love your videos. Your content is always top notch. Hugs and kisses to you and your family and your fur babies too

  9. I went to the vogueeffect website. Glad it ship internationally. They said they are NZ based family business, but no NZ or AUD currency and $20AUS shipping? I live in Australia! Shocker that it cost that much. Where is this coming from? I really want to get it but $15(stamp)+$20(shipping)+$3.50(international purchase fee for my card) =$35USD = $45.00? Ummmm The shipping cost more than the product is a turn off. Would love to get it but I’m gonna have to think about this one. Thanks for the review xx

  10. Wow!! I’m so interested in buying it even though I’m not a beginner πŸ˜‚ I saw the website say it makes for routine quicker and that it is waterproof and sweat proof, so no wonder it was difficult to remove πŸ˜‚ omg I must have this!!

  11. I have a question: it is possible to make the wing smaller by placing the stamp closer to the eye, maybe overlay it a little bit? Or, its a must to place the stamp at the beginning of the corner, so the wing its as long as you demonstrate it

  12. I went to buy it, but it’s sold out/unavailable and no in-stock date on Amazon :/ only available from the direct site in New Zealand for 14.99 and unspecified shipping. I hope it comes back soon!

  13. Loved it girl always love your videos. Wanted to ask if you would consider doing a review on BH cosmetics new Ultimate Artistry 42 Color Shadow Palette. Would love your opinion before I purchase it.

  14. Is that just one shadow color on your eyes? It looks gorgeous! It almost seems impossible to be only one color and look that good!!πŸ˜†

  15. OMG! The heavens are singing 🎡🎡🎡Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh🎡🎡🎡
    Like magic in a tube. Gorgeous wing Zabrena. Thanks again Gorgeous!

  16. Great video! I saw some pretty palettes at five below in the Halloween section. Not sure if they are new or not. Will you be trying them? The Be a Bombshell metallic one looks kinda nice. Would love to know your thoughts. 😊

  17. I have oily skin and most of the time i end up with eyeliner sliding down my face. I’ll have to give this liner a go for sure

  18. Amazon is the main reason why I hardly go shopping any more! With a warehouse nearby, I can get most stuff SAME DAY!

    Do you have any winged tips for those of us with hooded lids? My eyelid crease is almost horizontally even with the outer corner of my eye. I have never been able to achieve a decent wing. Maybe it isn’t meant to be, but I’d love to know your thoughts.

    Great video as always!!

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