Easy, Breezy Eye Makeup Hacks | COVERGIRL & Giselle Ugarte

Easy, Breezy Eye Makeup Hacks | COVERGIRL & Giselle Ugarte

Give your makeup routine a twist with these easy breezy eye makeup hacks! Giselle Ugarte is here to offer some eye makeup tips and tricks you can apply for yourself when creating a winged eyeliner look or a smokey eye. More ways to #GetThatGlam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-fAXlPI2tg&list=PL1_vRQKoHSnxOwJk2qxtPuNMzT0BrlItN&index=1

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COVERGIRL trunaked Eyeshadows: https://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products/eye-makeup/eyeshadow/trunaked-eyeshadow-palettes
COVERGIRL Intensity Me! Liquid Eyeliner: https://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products/eye-makeup/eyeliner/intensify-me-liquid-eyeliner
COVERGIRL Super Sizer LashBlast Mascara: https://www.covergirl.com/beauty-products/eye-makeup/mascara/super-sizer-mascara

This COVERGIRL makeup video with Giselle Ugarte is about easy eye makeup tips and beauty hacks every girl should know.

48 thoughts on “Easy, Breezy Eye Makeup Hacks | COVERGIRL & Giselle Ugarte

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  3. Susan Morris. Even at 60 I learn something everyday, my eye makeup has always been the only makeup I’ve ever used, and a small dab of blush, I’ve tried the drop of water with the eye shadow what at a great idea ! Thanks


  4. Cover girl mascara USED to be my favorite. But until the company goes cruelty free I will not use their products.

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  7. She does her make up better than most girls. I don’t see why you people are posting negative comments. Don’t like it, don’t comment.

  8. do. that. to. me

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