DIY SMALL RENTAL BALCONY MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET l How to decorate a small balcony lReallife Realhome

DIY SMALL RENTAL BALCONY MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET l How to decorate a small balcony lReallife Realhome

In Today’s video I will be showing you how I transformed by rental apartment balcony and gave a complete makeover on a very tight budget.
Transform your apartment’s small balcony by installing a DIY bench, DIY Vertical Planter and some decor pieces for a beautiful place to hang out with family and friends.
These balcony decorating ideas can also be used for small patios and decks.
1- Carpet- I bought from Home depot for around 17 dollars. You can also use any rug that you have. You can paint , put deck tiles or even go with an inexpensive way of putting foamtiles.
2- For DIY bench – Use cinder blocks from Home depot. These are cemented concrete blocks that are made of the same material as bricks. They come in various shapes and sizes and very cheap. I bough 4 of them for around 4 dollars. You can even spray paint them if you dont like the color.
You will also need a piece of strong plywood. The home depot store will help you cut it as per your measurement.
3- For DIY planter I have used 2 lumber ( wood) pieces each 12 ft long that I got divided into 3 pieces each of 4 ft. I have got my planters from home depot as well and have hung them with twine and shower curtain hook. You can even use broad S hooks.
I hope you like the balcony makeover on a budget and will get some ideas do transform your own.

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  2. No wonder so long to upload…… my godddd this is mind blowing… yeh ideas aate kahan se hain? 😳😳😳

  3. Very nice. It is a great look. Though you are residing in a rental house, you made the space as a reception hall. First of all interest should be there. then you can make whatever you like

  4. Hi Di, so u made all things amazing in the Balcony.abd sitting table and Buddha ji looking so beautiful. organised and given a pace to Balcony really restructuring a place. nice. I like also cleaning like that. carry-on. God bless you and your family.

  5. I really like it videos … it’s very useful in day to day life….I don’t know how to edit videos…can you please suggest how I can do this video editing

  6. Wow I loved this idea.u are such a creative person.pls bring in more of these ideas.they are gud and different

  7. Gud dear i was about to ask u y cant u start a garden in ur balconyπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»now ur balcony is awsome

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  11. I have always been a silent admirer of you Anu.But after watching this video, I just could not stop myself from commenting. You are super intelligent and extremely creative.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. You treat your home as a Mandir. You keep it so well organized. That is what I love the most and it really inspires me to do such things for my home too.

  13. awesome Anu…the innovator!!!…Anu.. can you suggest. which driller to use.. can the same driller be used for cemented walls too..

  14. Wow this was really so nice ….awesome. now its looking very beautiful. I am so inspired by your hard work. GOD BLESS YOU

  15. Very very good ideas. I will implement this soon. I may not do this very soon thanks to Canadian winters… I really wanted to buy a small low seating thing for my balcony.. Without spending much.

  16. Really very nice.. Great job. But here in dubai we use the small balcony ( which is at the backside of the apartment) to put cloth drying rack, mop bucket n broom etc. What to do.. No other place in the small apartment to keep these things. πŸ™

  17. I am pleasantly surprised wt this video, but I loved it more than any of ur earlier videos …he I wish like jumping inside the screen n sit n relax in the cosy place…

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