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Back with another episode of our DORM ROOM MAKEOVER SERIES!! making over real students’ dorms. Huge shout out to V8 +Energy for sponsoring this series AND for giving us the steady energy we needed to get the job done. V8 +Energy is made up of blended fruits, vegetables, and the caffeine from green tea, all natural things you can feel good about. ✌🏼✌🏿

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  1. Love it. Really does look like an apartment rather than a room. Good tips! But damn, dat wrinkly sheet tho. Only negative in that room.

  2. It actually turned out looking great. Them windows were so nice as well! He’s lucky to get such a good room. Only thing that let it down slightly was the projector screen which could of done with a quick iron.

  3. Don’t pay attention to the haters, this video was amazing 🙂 I can tell how much effort you guys put into this.
    And I’m glad you’ve got a great sponsorship to support your channel! 🙏🏼
    Will there be more dorm room DIYs?

  4. This dorm room is so DOPE! It is so beautiful and interesting already and you guys made it even better! Those lamps! 😍

  5. Agree w/everyone that the sheet should have been irons but really unnecessary since he had a nice white wall already. Plus,those hooks need to ‘cure’ for 3 hours before you hang anything on them so that dowel is going to fall. This is from experience.

  6. where do you typically shop when you need to scout out items for a new remodeling project? I absolutely love everything you guys buy!

  7. How do I apply to get my dorm made over?! 😫 I had so many ideas on how I was going to decorate my dorm but my roomie and I was totally blindsided when we found out that we couldnt unbunk our beds😖 The layout of the room is kinda weird and we have wall outlets in the most inconvenient places. while Ive been trying to make the room look cute, Ive been really struggling bc literally all my decor dreams were shattered when I found out that I would I have to be bunked. Please help? could yall maybe do a segment decorating a bunked dorm?

  8. The quote on the wall is wrong, since it’s a guy, you should’ve put "Rêveur" not "Rêveuse" which refers to a girl…But the makeover is still amazing!

  9. Did you guys go to humber college for interior decorating? I want to go , I love decorating…. what was your experience with the program? Thank you!! You guys are awesome !!

  10. Hi Kelsey and Becky! My name is Hannah and I’ve been in love with this channel for SO LONG!!! My sweet 16 is in February and it would be a dream come true for you guys to makeover my room!!!

  11. The wrinkly projector sheet is worse than just using the wall, and he’s just gonna chuck the throw pillows into a corner. Fail.

  12. Do you think you guys could handle a challenge?

    You guys should consider doing a dorm video on SUPER old dorms where there is very limited space with furniture that is built into the walls (bed, dresser, closet and desk). It’s really hard to find space to put a mini fridge and a microwave in places that don’t get in the way of a desk chair or cluttering the room. Plus, the walls are concrete so we can’t hammer in nails for shelves or anything. PLEASE help a helpless DIY girl!!

    Love your videos keep it up! 🙂

  13. I was blown away with the final look. Love the dark blue color scheme, and how you turned the blow-up sofa into something more fab. I can use that as an example for my sofa. I really like how you’ve started a series like this. Dorm makeovers just seems so much less intimidating than watching whole house/apartment makeovers. They always feel like you have to break an arm or a leg just to get it nice looking, but these videos makes room makeovers seem like a breeze.

  14. I feel like the projector sheet should be ironed before being put up because movies on a crinkly screen?! But the rest of the stuff looks super cool:)

  15. Hey just to let you know you when you say "rêveuse" it’s when you reffer to a girl, for a boy you’ll say "rêveur" lol

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