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HI SISTERS! As a makeup artist, you guys see me do my own makeup ALL the time, but I rarely ever get to get glammed by other artists. For today’s video, I went to MAC to get a full makeover! I’ve seen so many horror stories, but also great makeup, come out of Mac, so I was super excited for this challenge and to see the finished look. Stay tuned for more makeovers coming soon from other stores and don’t forget to check out my last video where I got my makeup done at SEPHORA… Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

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Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod

Michael Rusakov


  1. Idk how you don’t realize how counter-productive and silly it is to even be doing this video series. You act shocked when someone, who does makeup for a living, does a good job? I also don’t get how you think you’re in ANY place to be critiquing these employees either. Having a following doesn’t mean you should exploit people who probably don’t want your criticism any ways.

  2. I have to agree, I didn’t like the way she applied the lip color and I feel like the lashes didn’t go with the look :/ but overall the shadow looks hella bomb

  3. I love how you are super organized in your videos! Quick straight to the point! I found you from Tati when you did her wedding make up it was flawless!!! Way to go sis!

  4. Learn to just ignore haters instead of calling them out in your videos. Being bitchy toward your haters just makes you look like…well, a bitch.

  5. That looks so good! My band director actually worked at a makeup counter while she was in college and she still to this day slays her makeup!

  6. Helen did an incredible job! Your makeup looks awesome.
    Edit: I actually really like that lip shape on you. I think it’s more flattering on you.

  7. That intro was perfect❤️! Why do people watch the videos of people they don’t like? I will never understand. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Why cant he just focus on the positivity there are so many people that love and support him and all those people totally dominate the others who dont like him but hes always so negitive about it

  9. Don’t forget estee lauder! As for the look, I HATE the lips, but love everything else. Could use a bit more highlighting but GIRL LOOK AT THOSE EYES. But I will say that the lips KILLS it for me, it is underlined which overcoming is definitely more flattering for your face, but it’s also patchy and warm toned which doesn’t match anything else in the look. I think it would have been much better to use a darker and cooler toned red because it is like a bad beacon on you face which draws away from the amazing contour and THOSE EYES (love the eyes, you’re right, the liner is much better)

  10. I don’t watch James Charles too often, but all of the videos I have seen, he is always frustrated with his viewers about something. Makes me feel scolded every time I watch.

  11. Idek why you get so much hate, you’re good at makeup, you have valid opinions, you’re a genuinely nice person and you aren”t afraid to admit when you’re wrong. Sure you mess up but what 18 year old doesnt

  12. I think she did an amazing job! looks gorgeous, I just feel like she didn’t really do the look you asked for and that doesn’t deserve a 9/10 even if her skill does… I think the last girl did better matching the look you asked for and this girl did better skill wise. I feel like that should be incorporated though.

  13. I Love all of your video’s but for me it is a little hard to follow since english is not my native speaking (that is what it is calls right?) for me personaly it would help if you could speak a little slower… However I Love Love Love All of your video’s!!!

  14. guys not trying to be mean but if you like me and talk at the speed of a snail and your brain just cant comprehend da fuq he saying 0.75 is my life saver

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