The girls give baby-doll Shavonne’s hair a freshening up…and then each other learn to do each other! Mama McClure helps the girls with their hair wash-and-go. We used the Mielle Organics Tiny & Tots line products below:

Sacha Inch Cleansing Shampoo
Sacha Inch Detangling Conditioner

If you like our hair tutorials, here is a playlist:

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All videos produced, directed, edited by Ami & Justin McClure (it’s a family thang)


  1. The girls did a fantastic job with Miss Shavonne’s hair! These two little cuties brighten my day every time I see them. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful girls! They’re funny (Shavonne is showing her boobies! Oh. Em. Gee!!!) and oh, so sweet. ~HUGS~

  2. Thank you for this video! I am in the process of adopting (she is almost ready to come home!) I am really trying to learn the best ways to wash her hair and fix her hair! I’m ready for my little bundle of joy!! ❀️

  3. Great job girls! But Ami are you and Justin going to do the baby momma dance when you go in labor? Lol. That would be funny! But try it. And add the twins in it to… KmslπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  4. If you want their curls more defined you should use a curl defining cream or gel after you put in the leave in conditioner

  5. This is a such a beautiful way to teach your girls to love, care and appreciate their curly hair! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ Shavonne is everything!

  6. I get the biggest kick out of watching Alexis and Ava. In many ways they remind me of my daughter many, many years ago.

    Please continue to share your videos on YouTube. Your family is an absolute delight!

  7. I love how they love their hair and how they are learning about it. I didn’t go natural until around 23 and I didn’t even know what my natural hair looked like or how to care for it. Great lessons!

  8. Would their hair get too too tangled if you really did a wash and go (without combing out those pretty curls)? Wash, condition and oiled?

  9. It’s almost a full time job caring for their gorgeous hair – I imagine having a boy it will be a bit easier? Will you grow hi hair out or will it be kept short / shaved? I am on crse assuming he gets your hair mama McClure – but you never know πŸ˜€

  10. This is a such a beautiful way to teach your girls to love and appreciate their curly hair! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  11. Mama McClure you are always so sweet n great with the girls i wanna be a mommy like you as i grow up lol..the girls are so smart n intelligent i love the way you train them how to be responsible at such tender age they’ll be great women,,,BLESSINGS MMWAH

  12. Mom is smart teach them to wash each others hair so when u have the baby that helps and take time off your hands awesome momπŸ’„πŸ’‹

  13. Did you all get a new camera? Lens? If so or not, it’s amazing either way.
    Also, I’m starting to tell them apart Lexi has bit more tude than Ava lol
    I love watching, they crack me up.
    And you all as parents are amazing as well. Brings tears to my eyes.

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