29 thoughts on “ANTM 18 – Makeover

  1. When do they film the opening sequence tho? They have their makeovers already in the sequence. Haha

    And I really love the confessionals of the Brits, always funny for me. Haha!

  2. Does anyone feel that Sophie in ANTM acted somewhat a little immature, than her mature appearance in BNTM. I love her, it’s just that I feel like she acted differently from each of her appearance on Top Model, what do you think?

  3. I hate how they only did part of Sophie’s hair, and how later in the competition most of the pink is washed out. I would’ve loved to see her full pink

  4. Add least Louise did not cry about her makeover like Cassandra did in cycle 5. & Jada from cycle 7 cried because Jay cut some of her hair she hated her boy haircut. Louise at this cycle 18 at the time needed to realize that in the modeling world they can give you any kind of look that you need to rock It out weather you like It or not.

  5. Louise’s makeover is ugly. It’s really dumb for these hairstylists to risk their credibility in this show. Sally did a horrible job in doing Brenda’s short hair and now with Louise. She’s still stuck in the 80s with Linda Evangelista. Like you’re supposed to be a hairstyle expert, you need to keep up with the modern and current trend.

  6. I literally started gagging over how gorgeous the Native American girl was, then the bitch goes "maybe they gave her bangs to hider face a bit". That literally just proved to me most girls act out in jealousy it’s ridiculous 😂😂

  7. The girls who are always like "shut up it’s just hair it’s a competition blah blah blah" are never getting their hair chopped off it’s always long lol such hypocrisy.

  8. “Louise think she’s the queen of this competition, but over here in the USA, we don’t have a queen so she needs to pull it together.” – Eboni

  9. Just take a minute to see how Mariah is beautiful. Don’t know why "maybe they gave her bangs to hider face a bit", bitch pleaseeee

  10. They did Louise a dirty. That cut makes her look so much older. She seriously looks like a 40 year old complaining to a supermarket manager

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