Airbrush Makeup | How To (Easy)

Airbrush Makeup | How To (Easy)

Everything you want to know is right here…

My Vanity Tour/Makeup Collection last night —

Messy Bun | How To —

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50 thoughts on “Airbrush Makeup | How To (Easy)

  1. Oh my gosh Nicole, I love you! You are so hilarious, not to mention talented and informative. I really enjoy your videos and especially love that you’re a cat lover🐱❀. I used to have one that looked exactly like your gray kitty😻.

  2. sorry but you guys really can live without makeup I do all the tine and I’m in Jr High which is when we are all the most judgemental about the smallest things. You should be confident in yourself, not care what people think, and think of your imperfections as perfection. Not one single person in this world is perfect, plus the benefits of not wearing makeup are imense. Such as saving money and time. One of the main reasons that we even have makeup is because people are mean to people who look different and aren’t "movie star perfect" even your precious movie stars and models aren’t perfect. I never wear makeup ever and actully airbrushing makeup doesn’t make it last longer unless you have water proof makeup because if you cry or your eyes water you will see streaks in your makeup.

  3. Dinair airbrush is the BEST !!!! They have the Extreme foundation that’s water proof! Love!!! I met Kandee Johnson at a Dinair workshop she flew in for ;))

  4. You’re adding too many white products starkly against a brown with yellow undertone. Your actual skin has a red undertone. I would recommend blending out the airbrush quickly before it dries and going all over it with bronzer blush for the luminous result you’re wanting πŸ™‚ the powder also helps a LOT with humidity πŸ™‚

  5. It’s hard to tell if it really worked because of all the cream you applied prior. I would like to see absolutely nothing prior to use and then just the airbrush makeup. I don’t know why the color is looking white compared to your skin tone. I can understand using a primer which is colorless first but I want to see more. I don’t see a difference in this particular video. I seriously think that the airbrush compressor systems at Michael would probably work better and you can use whatever brand you prefer. Neutrogena is a great foundation especially to prevent skin breakouts as it has salicylic acid. It’s already a water base foundation. You can tell what is water based very easily to begin with. It appears these systems aren’t any better than what I’ve seen on TV and in fine print it says results will vary.

  6. Just bought my art of art airbrush,never had experienced this,in short I’m a newbies in airbrush makeup and this vid helps a lot.Thanks!

  7. I have an airbrush system as well and it covers my insane dark circles and it does not break out my face. Everything else for a foundation does break out my face. It is just perfect. I use a little powder as well to go over my airbrush just to even out the color to match mine on my face. I have a tricky color and it seems that my color for a foundation is never out there. So I do it that way. So if you have skin issues like me, this is the way to go and it does not melt on your face. I love it. πŸ™‚

  8. hello i bought this airbrush system and teh airbrush gun Β stops working and then it splatter , plus the makeup falls really fast from my face πŸ™ any advice to make it better ?Β 

  9. I love love love itt
    I don’t even use concealer or bronzer… or blush… but like you made me want to use them allπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. I have vitiligo, this is where you start losing pigment this is now move to my face, having a hard time finding the right color, but my problem is, before using should I moisturize to keep it from feeling stiff and dry?

  11. My system literally makes me hold the pen completely up and down STRAIGHT or it won’t come out. Also, it seems to highlight every piece of fuzz, pore, or line! Any suggestions?

  12. You’re so beautiful, you don’t need makeup! But yeah, it makes you look even more beautiful! Please, keep it up.

  13. Hello Nicole! My name is Sheila I’m new to YouTube and just browsing around here and just want to mention that you are incredible I love all of your videos. You inspire me to do makeup and do much for things in my life. I love you. Xoxox

  14. Hey Nicole are you still using this? I bought it when this video came out but I haven’t used it in months! I’m goin to my friends prom tonight and I’m going to use it! Kinda nervous

  15. Nicole are you still using this at all? I have mine but haven’t used it in a while! I need to repurchase some of the foundation… Was curious to see if you still use yours at all?

  16. I definitely will try this stunning make up with my fav brush! I got it from here
    It have a ideal texture (truly soft) and excellent quality. Its rather difficult to discover a great brush set in my location, so I truly happy with my brush set since it has I personally do think that brush-set have a big impact with the make-up outcome. The best brush-set will assist us to achieve our perfect appearance. I am happy that I finally discovered my dream brush since its really terrific and inexpensive too. I suggest it to you guys too.

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