#70 | Rocket Man, Trump v NFL, Lawrence’s Rage, Lactatia’s Makeover | Beauty & the Beta

#70 | Rocket Man, Trump v NFL, Lawrence’s Rage, Lactatia’s Makeover | Beauty & the Beta

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Rocket Man remix: https://youtu.be/T3fzjkCvXZI
Bearing and SugarTits’ cover of “Catch the Wind” http://bit.ly/2fu9qUO
“Dog Park” and “Odahviing” written and performed by AENEAS: http://bit.ly/2sibPZ7

Surprise cringe, Dan Helmer’s campaign ad: https://youtu.be/CDfhFfKSohc
Trump’s UN speech: https://youtu.be/H8xHdGSJWLs
Kim Jong Un’s response calling Trump a “dotard:” http://nyti.ms/2xyCuCj
Chelsea Handler’s tweet: http://bit.ly/2xyagrj
Trump speaks about NFL protests: https://youtu.be/8JMnfmxA_Qo
Trump tweets that players should be fired or suspended: http://bit.ly/2wQ2SnB
NFL and NFLPA respond: http://bit.ly/2xxzwOo
Jags and Ravens kneel: http://es.pn/2xy9eLT
Alejandro Villanueva only Steeler to observe the Anthem: http://bit.ly/2wRc5vW
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin explains the decision to stay in the locker room: https://usat.ly/2wQIDpS
Seahawks and Titans stay in the locker room: http://nyti.ms/2wQjYBF
Everyone on ESPN rips Trump: http://bit.ly/2xyu8KT
LeSean McCoy stretches: http://bit.ly/2wQjdZj
Lawrence O’Donnell’s meltdown: https://youtu.be/PFfg1IxscuY
Lawrence apologizes: http://bit.ly/2wOJUO2
Some insight on who may have leaked the footage of Lawrence: http://pge.sx/2wPZitD
Protesters storm Pelosi’s podium: https://youtu.be/9APjTshKyXM
Full event of protesters storming Pelosi: https://youtu.be/g6WTAIFFKUI
BLM gets the stage at pro-Trump “Mother of All Rallies:” http://bit.ly/2xyDw1j
Lactatia’s makeover at RuPaul’s DragCon: https://youtu.be/WXqh-SXyVt0
Temple University banana incident: http://bit.ly/2xp7gxz
Student identified in the banana incident: http://bit.ly/2wQhcfN
Ottawa man jailed for anti-Muslim graffiti: http://bit.ly/2wPNgR8

9 thoughts on “#70 | Rocket Man, Trump v NFL, Lawrence’s Rage, Lactatia’s Makeover | Beauty & the Beta

  1. Half of Trump’s speech I loved, and half of it was just axis of evil part 2 Venezuelan boogaloo.

    Also Pelosi’s rage gives me life

  2. Dumb players association (run by niggers) are killing the golden goose and (because of nigger low iq) don’t even know it. Football is over β€” cucussions, brain dead drooling idiots, PeeWee participation drop of 40% in one year, all point to an end to this joke of a sport. It is just kept alive by the blue collar gamblers anyway. It’s garbage sports entertainment.

  3. *Daily Reminder* – White males and asian males are the only groups in this country who end up (on average) paying more in taxes than they take out of the system. White Males (nearly 10x the population of asian males in the U.S.) literally support the entire country and the welfare state.

    What happens as the white population continues to drop in the U.S.? Do you think blacks and Central Americans, with significantly lower average IQs are gonna pick up the slack in an economy that increasingly demands greater mental capability and less low-skilled labor?

    And what happens to innovation and technology in this country as whites go? Do you think it’s a coincidence that the last 150 years of incredible technological wonders coming almost exclusively from white and east asian countries is a coincidence? Are blacks and Central Americans magically gonna pick up the slack there too?

    Oh, and conservatism and the Republican party? Without whites, it is 100% GONE. ALL non-white groups vote majority Democrat. ALL of them (yes haitians and cubans now too!) Do you want to see the end of conservative and western values, and hyper-leftists running the country freely?

    If not, I suggest you start educating yourself as to why race matters. It’s not just skin color.

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