6 Easy Eyeliner Techniques!

6 Easy Eyeliner Techniques!

Hey guys! Today I have 6 different eyeliner styles from the many styles there is. I chose 6 wearable ones to show you guys how to do…Or at least TRY to show you lol im no professional! These looks vary from barely there to dramatic. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it helps somebody out!

Products I used:
1)Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Black
2) Fine Angled Brush

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50 thoughts on “6 Easy Eyeliner Techniques!

  1. omg. love this have been a model for several makeup sessions n never did my makeup for myself by deciding that i shud learn to do my makeup myself although i am not really a fan of makeup but because i hav a close relative dealing with makeup I’m surrounded by it n hence wud knw everything but never think i will b able to apply makeup professionally n still not sure if i will ever b doing my makeup myself. but this video was sure helpful

  2. Oh my gosh… just what I’ve been looking for. Absolutely love your personality and videos. Thank you..😘You rock.

  3. If you love Karina Garcia like this comment or sub to LITgitness squad. I want to get them to 50 subs there are just starters. Like all You Tubers they’re awesome.

  4. Thank you Karina. You made me feel better about how I do my eye liner when I started to winged. I hate how I look so I feel pathetic when I do my makeup to make myself prettier. Thanks Girl <3

  5. i honestly don’t understand that square overly penciled brow look? what in the hell?it literally look as tough someone cut out a brow template and spray painted on their brows. It’s just as crazy looking as the 90’s thin brows.

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