5 CHEAP Ways To Give Your PC Space a MAKEOVER!

5 CHEAP Ways To Give Your PC Space a MAKEOVER!

You always have to make your space look nice… but HOW? Dmitry explains his main 5 tips. Enjoy & happy cleaning!

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50 thoughts on “5 CHEAP Ways To Give Your PC Space a MAKEOVER!

  1. Love how you get the natural light coming from the window and view of the trees. But when I open my curtain all I see is the neighbors home blocking all the sunlight.

  2. Can you elaborate more on the cleaning monitor and mousepad bit? Do I just wet a wash cloth and scrub my mouse pad? What do you spray on a monitor?

  3. οταν εβαζε ο κοντοπιδις τετοια μουσικη εσεις ησασταν πανω στα δενδρα μσκαρια

  4. Hah, my work space usually ends up messy like that also and I hate it. It just seems like there’s never enough room when I’m building or taking apart a PC. I’m also trying to figure out how I can re-organize the roof quickly on a daily basis.

  5. My window is WAAAAAY too bright for that positioning, and the glare gives me headaches, but other than that, solid advice Dmitry!

    Still gonna eat at my desk though. YOU CAN’T STOP ME

  6. Monitor arms. Not only do they create lots of space underneath your monitor, but they allow you to ergonomically adjust your monitor to relieve stress on your eyes, shoulders, arms and back.

  7. Step 1 : Get a box
    Step 2 : Stuff everything other then keyboard, mouse and audio equipment in box
    Step 3 : Put box in cupboard

    Ta Da!!!!

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